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China Machinery Precision Manufacturing (Jiangsu)Co.,Ltd. (CMPM) is a joint venture between China Machinery Industrial Products Co., Ltd. (CMIPC) and YangZhou Yifeng Bronze Products Co.Ltd., CMIPC is the holding company. CMPMconcentrates on manufacturing centrifugal castings of bronze &brass and finish machining of mechanical components. It covers total area of more than 34,000 m2,now have 70 employees. CMPM is equipped advanced production equipment and inspection equipment, with total output of bronze of around 4,000 tons and finish machined castings& forgings of around 5,000 tons.The material conforms to ASTM,BS,DIN,JIS standards.The products are widely used in Mining equipment, construction machinery, oil & gas, metallurgical, shipbuilding etc.
The production process from raw materials inspection, products manufacturing and product inspection are strictly performed in accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 quality assurance system to ensure the products are quality controlled and maintain product traceability during the whole process.Through our sustained efforts, the quality of our product has been recognized by global customers widely.