MIE’s Involvement in “New Infrastructure Construction” Reported by Hunan Satellite TV

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On August 4, 2020, Hunan Satellite TV Noon News made a report titled Hunan Intensifies Efforts for New Infrastructure Construction, introducing CMIEs involvement in new infrastructure construction.

China has included new infrastructure construction into its national strategy and positioned it as a new engine driving its economic development. As a central enterprise in Hunan, CMIE actively fulfils its social responsibilities. In recent years, CMIE has followed the guidance of the innovation-driven development strategy, endeavored to establish a sound scientific & technological innovation system with the Head Office TR&D Center and Changsha Lugu Engineering Technology Experimental Center as bases, four major provincial technical research centers (sponge city, smart manufacturing, prefabricated building, environmental engineering) as well as Hunan Provincial Center for Post-doctoral Studies as platforms. The system has been incorporated into the Agreement on Strategic Cooperation during the 13th Five-year Plan Period between Hunan Provincial Government and SINOMACH.

Based on the existing scientific & technological platform, CMIE, by leveraging the trend of new infrastructure construction, takes the initiative to explore emerging industries such as big data of motor operation, smart measurement and control, intelligent detection, new energy vehicles, urban renewal, smart building, health, endowment insurance, and ecological environment, speed up to make breakthroughs in a raft of key technologies, link up technical chains, try to create integrated engineering solutions, and make contributions to urban construction and renewal.

At present, CMIE, by leveraging its existing technical and business advantages, carries out projects related to new infrastructure construction, involving smart manufacturing, green factory, digital factory, smart industrial park, intelligent detection, data center, blockchain, smart building, green building, smart water management, smart environment, and BIM+ project management, etc. In addition, it has undertaken multiple businesses and created new economic growth points.

CMIE has taken part in the following new infrastructure construction projects:


(Blockchain) The blockchain industrial park project at the Economic Development Zone, Changsha  


  (Data center) China Unicom Hengyang Big Data Center


  (BIM+ project management) BIM design of Changsha Metro Line 3


(Smart industrial park) Changsha Smart Center project at the Economic Development Zone, Liuyang


  (Smart building) CMIE smart building


(Smart water management) Smart water management and control platform  


  (Smart environment) Smart water management project, Longwang Harbor drainage basin, Xiangjiang New Area


(Smart energy) Energy project, Malanshan Video Cultural Creativity Industry Park


  (Smart energy) Energy station project, Meixi Lake International New Town


  (Intelligent detection) The EPC relocation and expansion project of Hunan Electrical Equipment Testing & Inspection Institute Co., Ltd.