CMEC Heroines in the Fight against Covid-19

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This spring, everyone is like a soldier, devoting themselves to the anti-epidemic battle. Their figures can be seen everywhere on CMEC’s fronts against the epidemic. They are the backbone and elites in posts. Also, they are female warriors who have gone to the battle against the epidemic. Regardless of their personal gains and losses, they bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities and do everything in their power to fight against the epidemic. Let’s look at these amiable and honourable heroines on the anti-epidemic frontline.

  Hardcore Designer of Changsha Version of Xiaotangshan Hospital

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, Xu Rong, a designer of CMEC International, was in Dongkou, Hunan Province, when she saw the registration information for the unit’s emergency assembly task. Dongkou was over 400 kilometres away from Changsha. Despite the bitter wind and torrential rain on that day, she did not hesitate after staying at home for only 4 days. She signed up for the job in the first place and went back to Changsha on the same day to devote herself to the design.

The Changsha emergency hospital for the covid-19 epidemic is called Changsha version of “Xiaotangshan Hospital.” Xu Rong, as the person in charge of the architectural design in the task team, spared no efforts to start a 72-hour working model with other members of the project team to ensure the timely delivery of the design drawings.

Jiangxi was in urgent need! Faced with the following design task of the Fengcheng emergency hospital for the epidemic in Jiangxi Province, Xu Rong coordinated Fengcheng Hospital, Shangluo Urban Investment & Development Co., Ltd., construction units, suppliers and other parties overnight to overcome the difficulties of incomplete project site data, complex site, and large elevation difference. It took only 5 hours to complete the preliminary design scheme, thus gaining precious time for follow-up tasks.

However, things did not develop as expected. Feedback was given during the construction of the project on February 9. Due to the serious epidemic situation, the supply could not meet the requirements. The supporting room needed to be changed from plank room to container, with the preliminary design scheme redone. The time was too short, and too late! However, the epidemic situation was not waiting for people, and the hospital must be completed as scheduled. Xu Rong and the team immediately started a new round of race against time. The design time was not calculated in hours, but in minutes. Finally, all the construction drawings were delivered before 24:00 on the same day, which was highly recognized by all parties participating in the project.

  Women Help Support Affected Areas

“Report General Manager Zhao, 1,230 N95 masks raised by the Myanmar-based Representative Office have just been checked by Air China’s last flight back to Beijing this month and will be delivered to the company tomorrow. Please rest assured." The sender of this message was an ordinary female employee of China National Electric Engineering Co. Ltd. (CNEEC), affiliated to CMEC. Ren Xiaoyi, the mother of two school-age children, was responsible for restoring the Myanmar-based representative office alone.

In late January 2020, Ren just finished her corporate publicity and market development during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Myanmar. At the beginning of February, when the covid-19 epidemic was ravaging China, Ren heard that medical workers fighting the epidemic in Wuhan were in urgent need of N95 masks, gave up a rest and took the initiative to request CMEC’s leaders to buy medical masks from Myanmar to support the anti-epidemic frontline.

Due to the shortage of local medical supplies in Myanmar, Ren raced against time to contact more than a dozen medical agents. Two days later, when she arrived at the airport dragging a large box containing 1,230 medical masks, she was told that the government had restricted the export of medical supplies. What should she do? She immediately returned to her residence, unpacked all the masks and put them into the suitcase. After that, she contacted the Chinese Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office in Myanmar for help. In this way, the masks, which are small in number but full of deep love of CMEC employees, were sent to Wuhan through SF Express and received by Hubei Charity Federation.

  Conducting the Research Online in Fighting against the Epidemic

Mr. Xu Lidan, a member of CHPI Coal-fired Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Research Centre under CMEC, is one of the few female employees in CHPI’s research frontline. She is in charge of the application, project implementation and acceptance of scientific research projects in the field of environmental protection of power station. During the epidemic situation, she used the online method to finish the successful completion and acceptance of the SINOMACH-funded key R&D project: the Multi-pollutant Joint Removal Technology and Equipment for Coal-fired Boilers. In the R&D, this project has been developed into a national patent. Ms. Xu has completed the application of technological achievements, promoted and applied the technology, and achieved considerable economic benefits.

Also, Ms. Xu Lidan has conducted in-depth research on the operation characteristics and optimization methods of the boilers involved in the research project of “Research on Flexibility Transformation of Power Station Boilers and Environmental Protection Devices,” an independent project approved by CHPI. She has incorporated into it the current domestic cutting-edge technologies of energy conservation and environmental protection. She also pays close attention to the national technological trends in energy and environmental protection, and the supporting policies of SINOMACH and provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects. She has achieved the goal of “stopping work but keeping research” and made first-hand preparations for resuming work.

  Women Workers Work Together to Fight the Epidemic

Female employees of CMEC General Machinery participated in carrying out the epidemic prevention and control in different ways, silently and busily, and completing a wide range of tasks.

Masks, disinfection supplies and other protective materials were ensured to be distributed; breakfasts were purchased and distributed for staff members. The Women’s Working Committee was coordinated to prepare souvenirs for women employees on the Women’s Day. No matter contacting the source of goods at home, making documents and payments at the company during holidays, or distributing products on site, active, gentle and determined female employees from CMEC General Machinery can be seen everywhere. No matter what positions they hold, they can serve as pioneers to shoulder responsibilities bravely as required by the organization, despite risks and challenges.

CMEC’s women workers worked meticulously, earnestly and pragmatically on the front line of the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. We wish CMEC’s beautiful women a happy Women’s Day on March 8! (Reporter Qiu Xi Correspondent Liu Jia)