Forging Ahead with Determination
-- The Headquarters Office Building Project in Full Spring

Release time:2016-04-25 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

In Beijing, spring is the best time for engineering construction due to its brightness and pleasant whether. In spite of the construction ban in Beijing during the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference (NPC & CPPCC) for the purpose of environmental protection, the project office made active technical preparations for construction site arrangements, clarification on drawings and scheme review, etc., so as to lay a firm foundation for all-around recovery of the project.

Shortly after the lifting of the construction ban, the project construction recovered quickly on March 17, and the site was once again in full swing after eight months’ halt. As the construction team moved in the site and the equipments and materials were put in place, the towering vertical structure at the first floor has been enclosed by standard construction fences and dense scaffolds; the foundation trench has been back filled and the construction of the cantilever structure has been completed, providing a good condition for safe and appropriate onsite construction; after the major structure emerges above the ground, we will see more clearly the building taking shape over time.

In the process of the accelerated construction, the project office attached great importance to the project so as to ensure that the construction is carried out in a safe and appropriate manner. The general contractor, according to the requirements of the project office, made a plan on the site in a scientific way and arranged the site in a standard manner, and thus the project site took a new look.

However, the project is faced with great difficulties at the site. Now, the underground circle corridor of the integrated development project of Liza Business Area is under construction under the northern site of the Headquarters Office Building project, giving a great influence on construction site and transportation deployment of the project. The project office consulted and coordinated actively with the project office of Liza Business Area, the general contractor and the constructor of the circle corridor, so as to overcome the difficulties and ensure the project progresses smoothly.

In the face of the difficulties, CMEC is forging ahead with determination. At the southernmost point of the central axis of the Lize Business Area, a 80m-high building is rising rapidly. With greater enthusiasm, higher spirit and down-to-earth work style, all construction contractors of the project vow to build it into a high-quality project.