Making Innovations Driven by Business Transformation and Pursuing Sustainable Development through Intensive Efforts
-- EMIEC’s Road to Business Transformation

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2015 is a landmark year for the business transformation of CMEC Engineering Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. (EMIEC) in terms of textile machinery parts. In the year, EMIEC turned itself from a trader engaging merely in simple deals and exports of semi-finished textile machinery parts and common machined parts into a provider of value-added services ranging from mould tooling development, precision machining and assembly to logistics distribution.

Initially, EMIEC only exported semi-finished textile machinery parts to world-famous textile machine manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. As China increased its machining capabilities, EMIEC kept improving its products for export, adjusted its operating mode in a timely manner and set the goal of transformation and upgrading, namely, adopting a turn-key business mode for textile machinery parts through extending the supply chain and offering value-added services. EMIEC’s technicians took initiatives to propose a design plan to the customers on improving the technology for critical parts of roving frame, localized two critical parts in the roving frame project and completed certification and sizing of the processed products in June 2015, thereby greatly reducing the customer costs and significantly increasing the stability of product quality, winning high praises from overseas customers and product suppliers, creating values for customers and building a good brand image.

EMIEC built manufacturing bases together with the suppliers in Tianjin and Wuxi and took an active part in mechanical processing and development of a series of critical parts for roving frame, spinning frame, two-for-one twister and embroidering machine of German and Swiss customers. In spite of insufficient precision machining and test means, EMIEC has successfully taken part in the development of a series of products including spindle guide rail and rack of the new-generation spinning frames of Germany, urged its suppliers to invest in world-class key test equipments including ZEISS and a series of precision machining equipments including pentahedral machining center, invited German experts and suppliers to build a R&D team to tackle key problems, and introduced special processing tooling and cutters from Germany. Ultimately, EMIEC beat its competitors both at home and abroad in terms of product processing technology and efficiency, and realized localized production of series products.

As overseas customers expand the production scale of their assembly factories in Jiangsu and Shanghai, they put forward higher demands on timely delivery and quantity accuracy of suppliers’ parts. EMIEC has set up a “logistics distribution center” in a timely manner in Nantong, thus bolstering weak spots of logistics and significantly enhancing the competitiveness of the products. With the support of the logistics distribution center, EMIEC has significantly increased the market shares of its textile machine parts, making synchronous progress in both domestic and overseas markets and laying a solid foundation for further expanding the business scale. Through unremitting efforts, against the gloomy backdrop of the recession of the entire machinery industry in 2015, EMIEC still grew in its textile machinery parts. Thanks to its continuous business transformation and value-added services, EMIEC has further improved the structure of its textile machinery parts and greatly enhanced the added value and market competitiveness of the products.

By relying on its explorations in transformation and upgrading over the last few years, EMIEC always pursues high technologies and high added value, actively forms a driving force for development, and has successfully transformed itself from a trader of common product trader to a value-added service provider.