President Sassou Attends CMEC’s OBO Highway Completion Ceremony & OLF Highway Foundation Laying Ceremony

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On November 3, Major Engineering Committee of Republic of Congo held completion ceremony for OBOUYA-BOUNDJI-OKOYO Highway and foundation laying ceremony for OKOYO-LEKETY-F Highway in Okoyo. President of Republic of Congo Sassou Nguesso and officials of Congo Government and local governments at all levels; Duan Jinzhu, counselor and charge d’affaires of Chinese embassy; Vice President of CMEC Jin Chunsheng, and General Manger of CMEC Lv Zexiang were present.

OBO highway project is the first completed project under the framework of reciprocal loans between China and Republic of Congo, as well as CMEC’s first highway project and second construction project completed in Congo.

With a full length of 116.75 kilometers, located in Cuvette-Quest in the center of the Republic of Congo, OBO highway project and its extension OLF will, after completion, link State Highway #2 in the country and the border with Gabon as the only formal land passage for foreign association in the north of the country as well as an important link in the Pan Central African highway network. The project is remote with pervasive forests and swamps, and faces severe natural conditions and weak basic conditions. The project department overcame all hardships, used means such as water transport of stones and multichannel material transport, and spent three years completing the project within the time limit specified in the contract.