Puttalam Coal-fired Power Plant Appears on New Currency of Sri Lanka

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The central bank of Sri Lanka issued a series of paper currencies themed "development, prosperity and Sri Lanka dancers" on February 4, the "Independence Day", in 2011. The currencies include a new 100-rupee note, whose right side carries a bird's view of the Puttalam Coal-fired Power Plant and the signatures of the president of the central bank of Sri Lanka and the president of the country. The serial paper currencies are the eleventh edition the central bank of Sri Lanka has ever issued since 1950, and reflect the people of the South Asian country pursue rapid economic development and good life while carrying forward the traditional cultures. The right sides of the currencies portray the major large-sized projects in Sri Lanka, and the wrong sides show the images of traditional dancers of the country.

The Puttalam Coal-fired Power Plant, undertaken by CMEC, is the ever largest project in Sri Lanka since its founding, and also the biggest economic and trade cooperation project between China and the South Asian country. So far, the first phase of the project has finished, and will deliver an installed capacity of 300MW to the national power grid of Sri Lanka, and satisfy 17% of the power demand of the country. The second phase has also started building, and will provide an installed capacity of 600MW after completion.

 The central bank of Sri Lanka has put the power plant on the new currencies, which indicates the importance of the power plant in the heart of the people of Sri Lanka, and will constitute a milestone major project in the development history of the country. As the general contractor of the project, CMEC has felt an incomparable pride. Shouldering a heavy mission and facing a long way, we will continue our effort to guarantee the perfect completion of the project, build the power plant into a high-quality one, and contribute to the friendship between China and Sri Lanka.