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Media Coverage 丨 The International Department of the Central Committee of CPC Releases a Short Film Themed with “The BRI Promotes People-to-People Connectivity” on the Cameroon Water Plant Project

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On the occasion of the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the Information Office of the International Department of the Central Committee of CPC released a short film titled “Journey of the Heart” on the theme of “The BRI Promotes People-to-People Connectivity”. The section “Water” in the short film is about the Sanaga drinking water treatment project undertaken by CMEC Group Headquarters (CMEC) in Yaound of Cameroon. In the voice of the son of a local interpreter for the project, it tells a story about local difficulties in access to water and how his father worked with CMEC people to actively change the situation, displaying touching scenes of help locals create a better life through “Belt and Road” cooperation. 
As a key project for improving wellbeing of local people, the water plant, upon its completion, is expected to process 300,000 cubic meters of every day. Covering over 2.5 million people in Cameroon capital and its surrounding areas, the project is helpful for easing the shortage of drinking water for local residents and improving their living quality.
Meanwhile, CMEC, in the process of implementing the project, employed nearly 1,000 local skilled workers and general workers and actively provided services for Chinese and local employees. In addition, it cares about residents in communities around the project, fully fulfilling its commitment as a Chinese enterprise to assume social responsibilities in the countries where they operate. 
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