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China-Sri Lanka Attanagalla Water Supply Plant under Construction

Release time:2019-03-15 Article source:Asia Pacific Focus Reading times: A+AA-
Yang Wei, Manager of Attanagalla Water Supply Plant Project, said on March 13 that Attanagalla Water Supply Plant, the largest cooperative project between China and Sri Lanka for improving people’s livelihood, has entered the peak season of construction. Currently, Chinese and Sri Lankan engineers and technicians are working overtime so as to meet the deadline of the project construction and help provide local residents with clean drinking water that they urgently need.
Yang told the reporter of Asia Pacific Mass Media in Colombo, the Attanagalla Water Supply Plant, which is about 40km north of Colombo, is a key project that is the government of Sri Lanka gives priority support to and the largest stand-alone water plant project of the country. The project has a contract value of about USD 230 million, involving construction of a water treatment plant with a daily processing capacity of 54 thousand tons, water intake facility with a daily capacity of 85 thousand tons, as well as 720km-long supporting facilities including pipelines. The project is capable of providing water supply services for an area of 398 square kilometers. Currently, about half of the project has been the completed, and it is expected to benefit over 600 thousands of people after being completed.
Yang said that the fund for the project comes from the concessional loan of China Development Bank. CMEC is in charge of the engineering construction of the project, which, after being put into operation, is expected to improve the water supply to about 600 thousand local residents and further lower local residents’ morbidity of kidney diseases and other water-based diseases.
As one of the earliest Chinese firms that enter Sri Lanka, CMEC undertakes key construction projects while taking part in local programs for public good. Whenever Sri Lanka suffered from natural disasters, CMEC always takes the lead to donate relief materials to the disaster-affected people. At the end of last year, CMEC donated water purifying equipments the Mihintale temple and its surrounding neighboring areas in north central Sri Lanka so as to help provide them with clean water, winning high praises from local monks, priests and residents.
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