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Argentina Belgrano Freight Railway Reconstruction Project on the Agenda of G20

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On November 30 and December 1, 2018, the 13th?meeting of Group of Twenty (G20) was held in Argentina. After attending the meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping conducted a state visit to Argentina. It is the second time for Xi to visit Argentina after his first state visit to the South American country in 2014. The Argentina Belgrano freight railway reconstruction project (hereinafter referred to as the Project), which Xi is concerned about, once again attracted attention from the media. It is undertaken by the 6th?Complete Plants Division of CMEC and is the largest railway project between China and Argentina. The project was reported by CCTV News, Topics in Focus and Oriental Horizon, etc. You Haibin, an engineer of the 6th?Complete Plants Division of CMEC, accepted the interview by CCTV.

On December 2, Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Argentine President Mauricio Macri

You Haibin, an engineer of the 6th?Complete Plants Division of CMEC, accepts?the interview by CCTV.

The site of road reconstruction the project in Salta Province

Built in 1876, the railway is a traffic artery?linking cities, towns and ports in northern Argentina and occupies a decisive position in the country, which is dubbed as “Granary of the World”. However, due to lack of investment, the 7,000km-long railway has not been repaired for many years and only a small portion is in good condition.?The section of the project that is in the charge of CMEC is about 1,500km long. Over the past four years, the project has provided?Argentines with jobs and professional trainings, and the team of the 6th?Complete Plants Division in charge of the project has been recognized and praised by Argentine President Mauricio Macri. After completion of the project, it will be possible to shorten the time of transporting grains from Salta to the eastern port of Rosario?from one week to one day.
“Chinese equipments, technologies and funds have injected new vitality to the Argentine railway,”?said Arrel Espino, whose families have been engaged in railway technologies?for four generations and have deep feelings for railway. “Everyone expects that Chinese enterprises?can help us build passenger railway after reconstructing the freight railway. I feel lucky that our generation can witness the revitalization of Argentine railways thanks to the help from China,”?he added.
The railway undertakes arduous?tasks of freight transport and runs through main mining areas and agricultural regions. It has a bearing on the national economy and the people’s livelihood of Argentina, is expected to greatly benefit local agricultural?and industry, create jobs, promote development of railway, and improve the living standard of local people. The project has not only increased the influence and reputation of CMEC?and even China in Latin America, but also created a famous brand for Chinese locomotives and cargo train. The railway has witnessed the friendship?between China and Argentina, and CMEC?is the “road builder”?of the friendship between the two countries.

During his first visit to Argentina in 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the commencement ceremony of the project via video. The project is praised by Xi as a “highlight project of cooperation between China and Argentina”.

On May 17, 2017, witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Argentine President Mauricio Macri, CMEC?and the Ministry of Transport of Argentina signed the supplementary agreement on the first phase of the project at the Great Hall of the People