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SINOMACH Deputy General Manager Hong Jiao Inspects at CMEC

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On June 12, Hong Jiao, the Party standing committee member and deputy general manager of SINOMACH conducted an investigation at CMEC, which covered two member enterprises of CMEC and CAMCE. Zhao Lizhi, head of the Legal and Risk Control Compliance Department of SINOMACH, accompanied the investigation.
Wang Bo, Party secretary and chairman of CMEC Group, made a report on the development, operation and Party building of CMEC Group, CMEC and CAMCE and the rectification of the Central Leading Group for Inspection Work, and elaborated on the current problems and next steps.
CMEC and CAMCE reported on the development of their risk prevention and control system and the implementation of Bianhong Action respectively.
Mr. Zhao acknowledged the step-by-step results of CMEC and CAMCE achieved since the launch of Bianhong Action. He required continuing to take a result-oriented approach to achieving results through practice, advance the implementation of the risk prevention and control system for four special tasks, resolutely implement the rectification requirements, draw inferences about other cases from one instance and set up a long-term mechanism to provide strong support for the high-quality development of enterprises.
Mr. Hong Jiao affirmed CMEC Group’s work effectiveness since it has served as an entity as well as its achievements in strategy formulation, operation & management, talent cultivation and risk prevention & control system.
He pointed out that CMEC and CAMCE should do a good job in inspection and rectification and carry forward the development of risk prevention and control system in light of rectification requirements. They should address both the symptoms and the root causes of the problem by tracing them back to their origins and analysing the causes. They also should establish a long-term mechanism to ensure that inspection and rectification form a closed loop with the effectiveness and results of the risk prevention and control system. In addition, the two enterprises should promote the development of risk prevention and control system through Party discipline learning and education, give full play to the positive role of accountability and investigation by treating the existing conditions and preventing problems before they occur, and strengthen the implementation of the “three distinctions” requirement. They should not only expose negative typical cases, but also present cases of due diligence and non-responsibility, in order to support reformers and give a good name to those who take up the responsibility.
He also stressed that enterprises should take Bianhong Action as an opportunity to advance the implementation of four tasks, transform the development of risk prevention and control system into a powerful driving force for innovation and development, and support enterprises in continuing competitiveness and high-quality development. For major problems that need to be solved at present, it is essential to go all out for the solution of the key problems restricting enterprises’ high-quality development and enhance our core competitiveness and risk-resistant capability. 
During the research, Hong visited the exhibition hall of CMEC Group to learn more about CMEC Group.
The leadership members of CMEC and CAMCE and heads of relevant departments participated in this investigation.