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Ai Wei Inspects COECG

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To effectively advance the activities for studying Party discipline, further improve the quality of Party building work, strengthen the caliber of officials and talents, and promote COECG to better integrate into CMEC Group, a delegation headed by Ai Wei, Deputy Party Secretary of CMEC Group, visited COECG. Li Yiping, Secretary of the CPC COECG Committee and Chairman, chaired the meeting in April 22-23.
At the meeting, Ai listened to the reports of COECG on its basic information, Party building, business management, and talent development, etc. After that, COECG leaders made reports on their working ideas and suggestions on the basis of the areas which they are in charge of. Heads of relevant departments of CMEC gave guidance in the aspects of in-depth integration between Party building and business operation and implementation of the decision-making system related to major issues, important appointments and removals, major projects, and the use of large amounts of money, etc. 
Ai said that CMEC Group is concerned about and values the development of COECG and responded to relevant opinions and suggestions on the site. She fully recognized the achievements made by COECG since its management has been raised to a higher level in the aspects of reform, development and Party building, and stressed in her concluding speech that COECG should continue to continue to build differentiated competitive advantages, promote high-quality development, and contribute to substantialization of CMEC Group. She put forward the following requirements:
1. Align with strategies of CMEC Group and spare no effort to create the brand of “Sinomach Hydraulics”; 
2. Strengthen the building of the leading body and give play to its overall role; 
3. Strengthen the building of the team of young officials and gather the momentum for reform and development; 
4. Increase the level of management and control, improve the working practices and strengthen compliance management;
5. Strengthen the political and organizational functions of primary-level Party organizations, see that Party building plays a leading role and promote in-depth integration of Party building and business operations. 
During her inspection, Ai talked with members of the leadership of COECG. 
Ai was accompanied by responsible persons of relevant departments of CMEC.