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SINOSURE and CMEC Group Jointly Held a Overseas Waste-to-Energy Seminar

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To deepen industrial chain cooperation and establish a new win-win business model
To positively follow the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, enter into discussions about the development trend and needs of the overseas waste-to-energy market, deepen exchanges between enterprises and financial institutions, build a win-win and mutually beneficial cooperation model among upstream and downstream enterprises across the entire industrial chain, and assist China’s waste-to-energy technologies, equipment, standards and other resources in “going global”, on April 2, the Overseas Waste-to-Energy Market Development Seminar organized by China National Electric Engineering Co., LTD. (CNEEC) affiliated to China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), and hosted by China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) and China Machinery Engineering Group Corporation (CMEC Group), was successfully convened.  
Zheng Zhongping, SINOSURE’s General Manager of the Strategic Client Department One, Wang Bo, Assistant General Manager of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) and Party Secretary and Chairman of CMEC Group, Xin Xiuming, Vice Chairman of China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) attended and addressed the meeting. Present at the meeting were also over 60 guests from multiple financial institutions, investment institutions, design institutes, scientific research institutes, and representatives of SINOMACH. Wu Guisheng, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of CNEEC chaired the meeting.
Xin Xiuming pointed out that with the gradual improvement of global environment protection awareness and the rapid increase of waste disposal demand, waste-to-energy has attracted more and more attention worldwide. CMEC Group and its member enterprises stand as the earliest Chinese engineering contractors to compete on the international arena as well as the most active enterprise in energy project in the international market. Member units of CMEC Group have given full play to their advantages in international operation to contribute to the construction of a modern industrial system, the transformation and upgrading of green intelligence, the international production capacity cooperation, and the promotion of Chinese technologies and equipment in “going global”. 
General Manager Zheng Zhongping stated that in recent years, the continuous development of low-carbon technologies in China has driven the traditional energy industry to conduct scientific and technological reforms. Nowadays, the dual carbon goals strategy has become a key starting point and guidance for China’s innovation-driven development and new urbanization. Simultaneously, in the overseas market, with the industrialization and urbanization of developing countries, a rush of demands for waste-to-energy projects would emerge, resulting in a potential business.
Wang Bo said green and sustainable development, a global consensus, also represented an important path to pursuing new quality productive forces. The overseas waste-to-energy business comprises a competitive area of CMEC Group in technologies and market channels, and its member units have accumulated tremendous experience in terms of design, execution, R&D and manufacturing of related equipment, as well as investment and financing. Wang hoped that through the meeting, all parties could coordinate efforts to strengthen bank-enterprise cooperation, and develop the overseas waste-to-energy market.
During discussions, Zhao Hui, Party Secretary and Chairman of CNEEC gave a keynote speech themed on “Opportunities and challenges facing overseas waste-to-energy market”. He analyzed the background of exploring overseas incremental markets, and shared his experience and thinking in combination with the company’s practices in Ethiopia, Thailand, Indonesia. 
Later, Wei Dongliang, Chairman of China Jinjiang Environment Holding Company Limited, Lin Yu, Deputy General Manager of Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Limited jointly owned by Shenzhen Energy Group, Wang Chun, a designer of New Energy Engineering Design Institute of China United Engineering Corporation Limited (CUC), a member company of CMEC Group, Zheng Ke, DBS Bank’s Managing Director and General Manager of the Medium and Large Clients Department (China), Wang Yiwei, Director of DBS’s Project Finance Department, and Duan Qin, Strategic Client Department One of SINOSURE delivered keynote speeches. They, as representatives from investment institutions, design institutes, and financial institutions, shared their views in combination with cases to help attendees fully understand new policies and info of the overseas waste-to-energy market. During free discussions, participants discussed on such topics as investment in and financing waste-to-energy businesses, export & credit insurance, application technologies, and  resource recycling, which sparked an intense debate.
Conclusion speech by Wang Bo
Wang Bo thanked SINOSURE for its long and tremendous support for CMEC Group’s overseas businesses. Currently, the overseas project contracting industry is undergoing major changes, CMEC Group closely follows the guidance of SINOMACH’s policy, strengthens market research and decision making and captures overseas hot spots and key markets, thus creating unique values for our bilateral strategic partnership. Participants in the seminar all agreed that China’s waste-to-energy technologies, equipment and operation and management abilities were capable of going global, making the overseas waste-to-energy market CMEC Group’s strategic choice for high-quality development. He hoped to make use of foreign market advantages and customer resources accumulated over the years, enhance cooperation with top performers within the industry so as to better respond to risks and increase market competitiveness.
Summary by General Manager Zheng Zhongping
General Manager Zheng Zhongping affirmed the outcomes of the seminar. He made it clear that all participating enterprises had held solid ground in different sectors regarding the waste-to-energy business. Looking at the international environment and the geopolitical situations, we Chinese enterprises were equipped with favorable conditions and doing the business thoroughly held the key to achieving high-quality development. All sides had built consensus, wisdom and strength thanks to the seminar. SINOSURE, as a risk bearer and an important participant in providing financing solutions, would come up with different financial products to assist Chinese enterprises in mitigating risks and “going global”.
In the end, representatives of all parties signed Proposal for Jointly Developing the Overseas Waste-to-energy Market. They will tap into and integrate their own advantageous resources, build a stable cooperation network, work together to explore overseas waste-to-energy market, and offer solutions in line with characteristics of different countries and regions, in a bid to start a new chapter in developing the waste-to-energy business abroad, advance global green development and contribute to the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative.