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Fang Yanshui Meets with EDFR Delegation

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On March 10, General Manager Fang Yanshui of CMEC Group met with Mr. Katsiris, Head of Project Management Department of EDF Renewables (EDFR) of France, and Mr. Bordes, CEO responsible for EDFR's business in the Middle East. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the deepening of bilateral cooperation.
Mr. Fang firstly introduced CMEC Group's business layout and unique advantages in the global market in recent years, as well as the basic information of some of the completed and ongoing projects. He said that EDFR is a world-renowned power and energy investor, and has led or participated in a number of representative projects in the field of new energy in recent years, making great contributions to the transformation of the global energy structure. CMEC Group attaches great importance to and actively engages in the global development of renewable energy, he told the French guests. He expressed the hope that the two sides, based on the existing good cooperation, would jointly develop green energy projects in key regions around the world, and promote green transformation of the global energy structure and sustainable development of renewables.
Mr. Katsiris gave a detailed description of EDFR's development and future plans in the field of new energy in recent years. He appreciated the professionalism of CMEC Group shown in past cooperation and hoped to establish a communication mechanism to strengthen exchanges at all levels. He welcomed CMEC Group to deeply participate in EDFR's various infrastructure projects and cooperate with EDFR in a wider field. 
Cheng Xueyun, senior project manager of EDFR, and heads of relevant departments of CMEC attended the meeting.