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Fang Yanshui Attends a Number of Business Activities in Iraq

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On March 7 and 8, General Manager Fang Yanshui of CMEC Group attended a number of business activities in Iraq. He successively went to the Salah Al-Din 2×630MW fuel gas power plant, a project constructed, operated and maintained by CMEC Group, and CMEC Group's representative office in Iraq to carry out research and safety inspections, and participated in a ceremony organized by the owner of the project to celebrate the successful conclusion of the first year of its operation and power generation. Fang Yanshui had in-depth communication with Mr. Khalid, a member of the Iraqi National Assembly and former deputy minister of electricity, and relevant responsible persons from the owner side to promote the progress of cooperation between the two sides.
After on-the-spot investigation of the project and listening to the report on its safe operation in the first year, Fang said that the Salah Al-Din project has experienced many ups and downs over the years, overcome many difficulties, and finally achieved project completion and high-quality operation, which would have been impossible without the hard work of all employees and cooperative units. On behalf of the company, Fang congratulated the project team on successfully delivering the project and completing the first-year power generation target 13 days ahead of schedule. He affirmed the project team's solid and pragmatic work in production safety, and paid high tribute and respect to all units and personnel involved in project construction and operation.
Fang emphasized that the project team should do a good job in two aspects: security and safety. Although the overall security situation in Iraq has improved significantly in the recent years, there should not be any slack in security protection; for production safety, the project team should continue to tighten safety awareness, strictly implement the rules and regulations for power plant operation, refuse to take shortcuts, and seriously fulfill the company's requirements for production safety, Fang said. For the second-year operation of the power plant, he required the project team to work harder to improve the reliability of generating units, enhance the sense of responsibility of personnel, define and break up KPIs, and continuously strengthen the operation reliability and availability of the power plant. Finally, he pointed out that while constructing and operating the project with high quality, it is necessary to attach greater importance to domestic and local publicity and do a good job in building a high-quality brand and telling a good story about China.
After the survey, Fang Yanshui and Mr. Khalid attended the ceremony in celebration of the completion of first-year operation of the project and the achievement of power generation target ahead of schedule and witnessed the signing of the power generation confirmation letter together. Khalid and the head of Northern Company of the Ministry of Electricity highly praised CMEC's professionalism and outstanding performance in the construction, operation and maintenance of the Salah Al-Din Project, and expressed their willingness to take this opportunity to carry out long-term and solid cooperation with CMEC. Fang expressed his gratitude to Khalid, the Ministry of Electricity and the Northern Company for their strong support over the years, saying he looks forward to the two sides meeting again in Beijing to deepen the cooperation in all aspects and make new contributions to the energy construction and national reconstruction of Iraq.
When investigating the company’s representative office in Iraq, Fang Yanshui said that as Iraq has rich resources, broad development space, and huge market potential, the representative office should grasp the market dynamics in real time, understand the policy orientation in depth, and carry out all the work in a pragmatic manner, so as to accelerate CMEC’s new round of overall business layout in Iraq. During the investigation, Fang also had a cordial conversation with Mr. Saad, an excellent Iraqi employee who has been working for the company for 25 years, and expressed his gratitude to him for his unremitting perseverance and dedication over the years.
The heads of relevant departments of CMEC, its representative office in Iraq and the Salah Al-Din project team accompanied Mr. Fang in the above activities.