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Fang Yanshui Meets with Zou Jianglei, CEO of First Abu Dhabi Bank China

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On February 29, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of CMEC Group Fang Yanshui met with Zou Jianglei, CEO of First Abu Dhabi Bank China and president of its Shanghai branch, who was visiting the company. The two sides held in-depth talks on cooperation in overseas project financing, credit granting and overseas fund settlement.
Fang said that the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is an important financial institution in the Gulf region, and the two sides have a lot of potential cooperation opportunities in the Middle East, North Africa and other regional markets. He hoped that while jointly developing credit and financing business, the two sides should give full play to FAB's advantages in location and resources and CMEC's experience and strength in implementing localized projects, and explore the markets in the fields of new energy, infrastructure construction, etc.
Zou thanked Fang for his warm reception. He gave a general introduction to FAB, the largest local bank in the United Arab Emirates and talked about opening of its first branch in Shanghai in 2022. He said that FAB Shanghai Branch will make full use of diversified and customized financial services such as multilateral ECA financing, cash management and financial marketing to support CMEC's business in the Middle East and North Africa, and is willing to establish cooperative relations with CMEC's member enterprises to jointly promote the global business expansion of both parties.
Heads of the relevant departments of CMEC also attended the talks.