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Academician Chen Xuedong Pays a Research Visit to BMHRI for Deeper Integration and Greater Results

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On the afternoon of January 17, Chen Xuedong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, deputy general manager, chief engineer of SINOMACH, and vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, paid a visit to BMHRI, a subsidiary of China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. (CAMCE), which is a member company of SINOMACH, for investigation and research.
Chen Xuedong first visited the business exhibition hall of BMHRI and listened to an introduction of its development in terms of business layout, qualifications, awards, core technologies, market expansion and other aspects.
Subsequently, Tang Chao, Party secretary of BMHRI, reported that after being upgraded to a wholly-owned subsidiary directly managed by CAMCE in 2020, as one of the "two wings" in CAMCE's 14th Five-Year Strategic Plan, BMHRI has made outstanding achievements over the past three years.
Since its integration into CAMCE, BMHRI has made breakthroughs in business integration, management integration, cultural integration, cadre exchanges, and overseas market collaboration. Through in-depth integration, it has achieved growth against adversities.
• In 2022, it was awarded the title of National Single Champion Enterprise (Product) in Manufacturing, and rated as an excellent ropeway supplier for the Winter Olympics;
• In 2023, total profit exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time, overall labor productivity exceeded 700,000 yuan, and the company won the first prize for science and technology in machinery industry.
After three years of leap-frog development, operating income, total profits, and technological innovation achievements have continued to hit record highs, with total profits doubling in three years.
Lu Daming, former president of BMHRI, highly praised the company's continued development, especially its well planned and purposed expansion overseas.
Zhao Bing, former assistant general manager of SINOMACH and director of the Science and Technology Management Department, said:
BMHRI's achievements in ropeways and other fields are typical cases of technological innovation promoting corporate development. In the future, the company should continue to increase technological innovation and focus on product quality, safety and service system construction.
Wang Bo, assistant general manager of SINOMACH, Party secretary and chairman of CMEC, said:
After the upgrade of BMHRI, CAMCE has continued to increase support and empowerment in terms of strategic leadership, scientific research investment, overseas market collaboration, cadre team building, salary incentive mechanism, etc. As an important institution of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry transformed into a scientific research enterprise, BMHRI has made many major breakthroughs in the intelligent manufacturing of passenger ropeways, hoisting and transportation machinery, and warehousing and logistics equipment in recent years. It has not only promoted technological progress in the industry, but also contributed scientific and technological strength to the country's high-end equipment manufacturing.
After listening to the report, Academician Chen Xuedong pointed out:
In recent years, under the guidance and support of CAMCE, BMHRI has adhered to the "four orientations" to strengthen research and industry. Through business collaboration with CAMCE, it has opened up domestic and international circulations. It has stimulated the entrepreneurship of cadres and employees; it has built a scientific research support system that runs through the entire system of CAMCE, promoted the reform and development of BMHRI, and achieved excellent results, becoming a typical example of the successful reorganization of industrial, trade and scientific research enterprises.
Regarding the next step of work of BMHRI, Academician Chen Xuedong put forward four specific requirements as follows:
The first is to deeply cultivate core technologies, build technological advantages, increase technical reserves, focus more on the construction and development of the industrial chain, and build a solid competitive advantage. The second is to coordinate the relationship between safety and development, attach more importance to the safety and stability of industrial development, and in particular, give full play to the role of SINOMACH Special Equipment Inspection Co., Ltd as a bridgehead in the field of special equipment. The third is to deepen the synergetic collaboration with CAMCE, give full play to the advantages of both parties, increase research and investment in strategic emerging industries and future industries, and jointly expand domestic and foreign markets. The fourth is to strengthen talent training and team building to lay a solid foundation for high-quality and sustainable development of the enterprise.
Other attendees to the meeting include Li Haixin, general manager and deputy Party secretary of CAMCE, and Rui Hong, secretary of the board of directors of CAMCE; Huang Yuefeng, director and general manager of BMHRI; heads of relevant departments of CAMCE and BMHRI, representatives of relevant media and investment institutions, etc.