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CMIPC Wins High-Tech Enterprise Certificate again

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Recently, China Machinery Industrial Products Co., Ltd. (CMIPC) was again awarded the National High-Tech Enterprise Certificate. This is the fourth consecutive time CMIPC has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise after 2012, 2015 and 2018.

CMIPC is committed to manufacturing high-end castings and forgings, copper parts and large machinery parts. Over the years, it has constantly invested in developing high-tech products and focused on the R&D and production of specialized and high-value-added products to meet the needs of world-class customers. Meanwhile, it has vigorously implemented the development strategy driven by talent and innovation, attached importance to bringing in and pooling high-end technical professionals, and provided sufficient talents to improve its R&D capabilities for high-tech products.

Through continuous R&D and innovation, CMIPC has acquired proprietary intellectual property, involving six invention patents, four utility model invention patents and six software copyrights. As such, the company holds a leading position in R&D and production technology across China. The two invention patents related to the manufacturing of high-speed train brake discs were included in the major scientific and technological innovation achievements of the National Railway Administration of China in 2017 and 2020. CMIPC is the only enterprise that is not operated in the railway sector.

The regaining of high-tech enterprise certificate means an important recognition of the R&D, management ability, innovation ability and core competitiveness of CMIPC. More importantly, it is also a major achievement of the company in strengthening research and innovation and utilizing technological innovation as a driving force. As a national high-tech enterprise, the CMEC subsidiary will further bolster the capabilities of technological innovation, management innovation and the commercialisation of scientific and technological achievements. It will foster high-end manufacturing, implement the development strategy of the technology-driven business and provide a wealth of talents and technical support for its sustainable development.