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CMEC Receives Praise from Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan for New Achievements

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Recently, Nong Rong, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, praised CMEC for its efforts in the Block-II project of Pakistan Thar Coalfield, the Thar Power Plant Phase II project and the Jhang Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Project via the Twitter platform. Mr. Nong spoke highly of CMEC in pursuing the sustainable concept of green development under the Belt and Road Initiative. The projects have been implemented with safety, stability, and quality in the normalized epidemic prevention and control. CMEC has shouldered the social responsibility as a member of the national central enterprise team, created 5,000-plus jobs and boosted the development of the local economy.

The Pakistan Daily Times published an article on Mr. Nong’s tweet, saying, “The Jhang Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Project, undertaken by CMEC, is being advanced smoothly and is about to be completed”. The article was re-posted by the Facebook account of Daily CPEC and the WeChat official account of Pakistan Engineering Library.

On the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Pakistan, CMEC is committed to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor by engaging itself with Pakistan in pursuit of high-standard, high-quality development and green, sustainable benefits for the two sides. CMEC has fostered local talents, implemented localization management, and formulated the scheme of allocating human resources. In addition, it has systematically carried out the training of employees’ professional skills and regularly commended excellent Pakistani employees. By employing local staff and alleviating the employment, CMEC has ushered in a new era of training 50-odd female drivers at the Thar Coal Mine. These efforts have changed the socio-economic situation of Pakistan and improved the living standards of the people.

Under the leadership of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), SINOMACH and the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Pakistan, CMEC members have risen to challenge, upheld the pioneering spirit, and committed themselves to national undertakings at home and internationally, with an image of self-respect, professionalism, honesty and promise-fulfilling. They have worked as a dedicated and collaborative team featuring pragmatism and prudence so as to build a bridge of friendship between China and Pakistan and a road of peace between China and other countries.

Edited by Du Shi
Proofread by Guo Ziqiu