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CMEC Becomes Council Member of CCCME Green and Low-Carbon International Cooperation Committee

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Recently, the Founding Conference of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) Green and Low-Carbon International Cooperation Committee (hereafter called the “committee”) and the 1st Carbon Neutrality International Cooperation Forum were successfully held. The committee has implemented the goals of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality and motivated member enterprises to conduct international cooperation in green and low-carbon fields.

CMEC and 67 industry pacesetters at home and internationally have become council members of the first committee. The committee will carry out government-enterprise dialogue, industry exchanges, matching of upstream and downstream enterprises, information sharing and financial cooperation to boost the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of key industries in China and beyond.

CMEC has always adhered to the concept of green development and made a host of achievements at home and internationally. In formulating its 14th Five-Year Plan, it has also proposed to deepen the concept, facilitate green project management, reduce pollution and carbon emissions, and make a big push for their sustainable operation.

By the end of 2020, CMEC had built hydropower projects with a total installed capacity of more than 4,600 MW, PV stations with a total installed capacity of 1,144.5 MW, wind power plants with a total installed capacity of 206.5 MW, garbage power plants with a total installed capacity exceeding 50 MW, and biogas power plants with a total installed capacity of over 4.8 MW in 26 countries and regions across the world.

Hebei Jieyuan 30 MW Agro-PV Power Generation Project

Hebei Jieyuan 30 MW Agro-PV Power Generation Project, an EPC one of China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Co., Ltd. (CMIE) under CMEC, was connected to the power grid on June 30, 2020. It can achieve an annual power generation of about 38,727,200 kWh, which saves 13,800 t/a of standard coal compared with other thermal power plants with the same power generation and reduces various air pollution emissions accordingly.

UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Solar Power Plant Project

On October 23, 2020, CMEC signed an EPC contract with électricité de France and Jinko Holding Co., Ltd. for the PV2 solar farm project in Al Dhafra, the United Arab Emirates. The project is by far the world’s largest stand-alone solar power plant and will be a milestone in the field of green energy under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Thanks to the project, CMEC has entered the high-end market of the six Middle Eastern Gulf countries.

Ethiopia Lebi Garbage Power Plant Project

The Lebi garbage power plant, built and operated by China National Electric Engineering Co. Ltd. (CNEEC), a subsidiary of CMEC, is a landmark project of China-Africa green cooperation, delivering economic and social benefits to the local community and boosting the green development across Africa. In 2020, the power plant still met its annual power generation target ahead of schedule despite the severe COVID-19 pandemic.

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