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CMEC Wins Applause from President of the Maldives

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Expo 2020 Dubai, another global event following the Tokyo Olympic Games, is being held. On October 25 and 26, Liu Xiaoda, the representative of CMEC in the Maldives, was invited to attend the Maldives National Pavilion Day event and the Maldives Investment Forum.

Mr. Liu briefed President Solih of the Maldives on CMEC’s ongoing projects and prospects for future cooperation during the event.

Liu said that the next year marks the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between China and the Maldives. One of the earliest Chinese-funded enterprises based in the Maldives, CMEC hopes to have an essential part to play and contribute to the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Highly appreciating CMEC’s long-term contribution to the infrastructure construction in the Maldives, Solih said he was pleased to see CMEC’s achievements in the Maldives and welcomed CMEC to make more investment, conduct more cooperation and accomplish more achievements in the country.

Since basing itself in the Maldives, CMEC has undertaken multiple infrastructure projects, including the Maldives’ housing projects with 4,000 units divided into Phase I, Phase II and Phase III and Shaviyani and Noonu Atoll power generation projects involving 26 islands.

Currently, CMEC has the Hurumale Housing Phase III Project and the Hurumale Grid Phase II Project under construction. These projects will provide quality housing and efficient, stable power resources to address local communities’ urgent housing and electricity needs and give a solid underpinning for the Maldives’ economic development and sustainable development.

Going forward, CMEC will continuously commit itself to the Belt and Road Initiative, build high-quality livelihood projects for the Maldives, and make new contributions to the Maldivian people and the China-Maldives friendship.

Edited by Du Shi
Proofread by Guo Ziqiu