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CMEC Signs MOU and Framework Agreement of UAE NEV Industrial Park Project

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On October 18, CMEC General Manager Fang Yanshui signed the MOU and framework agreement of the UAE New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Industrial Park project with UAE Transport Corporation and Hala China via a video conference. In the China Pavilion of Dubai Expo, also present at the video conference were Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade; Li Xuhang, Consul General of Chinese Consulate General in Dubai; Wu Yi, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Consulate General in Dubai; Faryal, Executive CEO of UAE Transport Corporation; Prince Majid, Chairman of Hala China; and Abubaker, Executive Committee member of Hala China. Mr. Ali Zahiri, UAE Ambassador to China, witnessed the signing at CMEC.

In his speech, Fang Yanshui said that CMEC, an international conglomerate with engineering contracting and industrial development business as its core, would introduce China’s NEV technology and bring into play its core strengths and capabilities to work together with UAE Transport Corporation and Hala China in an effort to make contributions to the UAE’s diversified economic development and strategic plan in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

CMEC Middle East-Arab Centre has made in-depth efforts to the UAE’s NEV industry by organizing resources from Hala China, MUBADALA, ET and CMEC to form the nascent architecture of the project after preliminary research and proposal preparation. Through cooperation with the 4th Complete Plants Division, the Centre communicated and built premium partnerships with multiple domestic automakers in a short period. The project is in line with the UAE's national industrial and technological development strategy, gaining strong support from the local government.

Before the signing, Fang Yanshui had a cordial meeting with Ali Zahiri. On behalf of CMEC, Fang Yanshui welcomed Ali Zahiri and introduced CMEC’s development history and overseas engineering projects in recent years and SINOMACH’s edge in planning, design, construction and resources integration in the automotive industry. Mr. Zahiri expressed his gratitude to CMEC for the warm reception and highly recognized SINOMACH’s background in the machinery industry, especially the performance of the NEV industry. He also welcomed CMEC to cooperate with the UAE side in developing the UAE industrial park project for NEVs.

Also attending the signing ceremony were Li Kan, assistant to CMEC’s general manager, and heads of the Strategic Development and Coordinated Management Department, the 4th Complete Plants Division and the Middle East-Arab Centre.

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