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Fang Yanshui visits Belarusian Embassy in China

Release time:2021-04-13 Article source: Reading times: Text size:【A+AA-

On April 12, Fang Yanshui, deputy Party secretary and general manager of CMEC, paid a visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in China, and had an in-depth exchange with Ambassador Yuri Senko on deepening CMEC's business development in Belarus.

Fang briefed the ambassador on CMEC's business operation in Belarus, as well as the electrolytic aluminum project, the trade center project in Orsha Special Economic Zone, and other projects, all of which are being vigorously developed in Belarus.

Yuri Senko said that CMEC has achieved outstanding performance and established a good reputation in Belarus. The projects currently being developed by the company are all of great significance to the host country, and he will recommend CMEC to the Belarusian government, he added.

In addition, the two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on the export of Belarusian agricultural products to China. The ambassador said that at present, the Belarusian government attaches great importance to the export of such products, and looks forward to pushing Belarusian high-quality agricultural products to the Chinese market via Orsha Logistics Park. He hopes to strengthen communication with CMEC in this field so that further actions can be taken as soon as possible.

Fang Yanshui thanked the Belarusian Embassy for its recognition of and strong support to CMEC, which enabled the company's business in Belarus to flourish. He said that CMEC will strengthen communication with the embassy, and actively participate in Belarus's economic construction to make greater contributions to the economic cooperation between the two countries.