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Angolan Minister of Energy and Water Resources Visits Phase-III Project of Gandela Bulo Waterworks in Angola

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On March 9, 2021, Joao Baptista Borges, Minister of Energy and Water Resources of Angola, Joana Lina Ramos Baptista Candido, Governor of Luanda Province, and Fernando Joao Cunha, Chairman of Luanda Public Water Supply Company (the owner), paid an inspection visit to the Phase-III Project of Gandela Bulo Waterworks (“the third-phase project” hereinafter for short) of Gandela Bulo Waterworks undertaken by CMEC in Angola.

After listening to the report on the progress of the project, the minister first expressed his appreciation to CMEC for overcoming the unfavorable conditions and persisting in the construction during the Covid-19 pandemic, and highly recognized the construction quality of the project. Strongly concerned about the difficulties encountered in the current construction process, the minister said that the third-phase project, as the most important livelihood project under the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources in 2021, has been widely concerned by the whole society. The ministry, he pledged, will spare no effort to facilitate its construction to ensure it is completed as scheduled.

The third-phase project is the follow-up project of the first- and second-phase projects of Gandela Bulo Waterworks. When completed, the whole waterworks will be able to produce 210,000 tons of fresh water per day, greatly alleviating the water shortage of one million residents in Luanda city. The Angolan officials’ inspection tour was widely covered by the country’s mainstream media, including Anchorage Daily News, National Radio of Angola, TV Zimbo, etc.