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CMEC-CTGI High-Level Matchmaking Meeting Held Successfully

Release time:2020-10-15 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the afternoon of October 14, Fang Yanshui, deputy Party secretary and general manager of CMEC, held a matchmaking meeting with Wang Yu, Party secretary and chairman of China Three Gorges International Corporation (CTGI), and Wu Shengliang, deputy Party secretary and general manager of CTGI.

Leaders of both sides have fully recognized the close cooperation in the Malaysia Moro Hydropower Station project and the Pakistani Carlot Hydropower Station project. CMEC and CTGI have reinforced and cooperated with each other in their core business. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on relevant projects, identified cooperation intentions, and reached an agreement on the cooperation in international projects, the signing of cooperation agreements, and the starting of internal work, with good results achieved.

Also attending the meeting were Qin Guobin, deputy general manager of CTGI, and relevant officials in charge of investment and M&A departments of CTGI as well as CMEC’s relevant heads.