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CMEC Receives the Party Leadership Group Member of Jiangxi Provincial Supply & Marketing Cooperatives and General Manager of Jiangxi Supply & Marketing Group

Release time:2020-10-11 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the morning of October 10, Fang Yanshui, deputy Party secretary and general manager of CMEC, met with Chen Lixin, member of the Party leadership group of Jiangxi Provincial Supply & Marketing Cooperatives and general manager of Jiangxi Supply & Marketing Group. During the talks, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and communications on the cold-chain logistics and the rural integrated commercial service agency that are being proactively promoted, as well as on how to carry out higher-level and broader strategic cooperation in the future, achieving good results.

Attending the meeting were CMEC CFO Zhang Zhiliang and other officials from CMEC’s Investment and Assets Operation Division, CNEEC, China Electric Design and Research Institute, CMEC Jiangxi, and CMEC’s Strategic Development and Coordinated Management Department.