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CMEC and Sinosure & ICBC High-level Coordination Meeting Held

Release time:2020-09-28 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On September 27, a delegation headed by CMEC Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager Fang Yanshui and CFO Zhang Zhiliang and a delegation headed by Sinosure First Business Department Deputy General Manager Zhou Shangzhi jointly visited the Special Financing Department of the Head Office of the ICBC and coordinated with the Special Financing Department General Manager Liu Jianchang and relevant special financing teams comprehensively and thoroughly.

Liu, first of all, welcomed the guests from CMEC and Sinosure, hoping to gain a full understanding and effectively solve the practical difficulties that the ICBC is faced with through the coordination meeting. Zhou said that Sinosure First Business Department will jointly take risks with CMEC, facilitate financing and make loans. He stressed that CMEC hopes to cooperate with the ICBC to support the development of its overseas business under the severe international situation and strongly support CMEC to take part in competitions in the international market.

Fang expressed his heartfelt thanks to Sinosure and the ICBC for convening the meeting. He comprehensively reviewed the cooperation between CMEC and Sinosure and the ICBC, fully affirmed Sinosure First Business Department and the Special Financing Department for their supports for business development of CMEC, and provision of professional insurance-related opinions and project financing solutions of CMEC over the years. He hopes that the three parties strengthen cooperation, help each other and join hands to make greater achievements under the current severe international situation.

Chen Na, General Manager of the Financing Department of CMEC, reported the latest progress of the cooperation project between CMEC and Sinosure and the ICBC, practical difficulties that the current project is faced with, and specific aspects that need to be supported by Sinosure and the ICBC. At the meeting, the participants fully discussed about the above the projects and expressed their willingness to intensify efforts for commercial project cooperation in the future.

Also present at the meeting were ICBC Head Office Special Financing Department Deputy General Manager Zhao Fujun, Electricity Team Head Zhang Wenchao, Infrastructure Team Head Wei Aidong and relevant personnel, SINOSURE First Business Department No.3 Division Head Cheng Tao, SINOSURE First Business Department No.3 Division Supervisor Duan Qin, SINOSURE First Business Department No.3 Division Customer Manager Wang Hao and relevant leaders of CMEC.