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CMEC Attends SINOMACH’s Video Meeting on Overseas Pandemic Prevention and Control

Release time:2020-08-25 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the afternoon of August 24, SINOMACH held a video meeting on overseas pandemic prevention and control. Leaders including CMEC Deputy General Manager Tong Zigang and CMEC Chief Safety Officer Qian Xuegang attended the meeting at the meeting room of CMEC. The meeting was presided over by Hao Ping, Deputy Director of the Operation Management Department of SINOMACH.

First of all, Wang Yuqi, Director of the Operation Management Department of SINOMACH, reported the cluster of COVID-19 cases at the Iraqi Karbala Refining-Chemical Integration Project of China Machinery Engineering & Construction Corporation. Ding Hongxiang, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Standing Committee of SINOMACH, delivered an important speech at the meeting. He introduced SINOMACH’s video inspections of overseas pandemic prevention and control, and put forward seven requirements on 16 enterprises under SINOMACH which are responsible for overseas pandemic prevention and control in terms of carefully analyzing the situation, strengthening leadership, fulfilling responsibilities, carrying out overseas pandemic prevention and control, resuming work and production in a proper and orderly way, supporting production and business operations, doing ideological work and disposing of public opinions, etc. At the end of the meeting, Ding, on behalf of SINOMACH, thanked CMEC for its contributions to supporting SINOMACH in the pandemic prevention and control at the project site.