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CMEC Leaders Visit Shaanxi and Hunan

Release time:2020-08-19 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

Recently, a delegation headed by CMEC Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager Fang Yanshui visited Shaanxi and Hunan, communicated with leaders of the Development and Reform Commission of Shaanxi Province and responsible persons of the departments of the commission on cooperation and inspected the JK Institute and SINOMACHINT, respectively. Also present at the activity were CMEC Deputy General Manager Zhang Wei, CFO Zhang Zhiliang, Chief Engineer Li Baolin, Strategic Development & Coordinated Management Department General Manager Xie Ke, and Investment Management Department General Manager Zhang Peng.

At the meeting with the leaders of the Development and Reform Commission of Shaanxi Province, the two sides fully and effectively communicated with each other regarding CMEC drives relevant industries of Shaanxi Province to “go global”, CMEC takes part in economic development of Shaanxi Province, and other specific projects.

When visiting the JK Institute and SINOMACHINT, Fang Yanshui fully affirmed the business operations, epidemic prevention & control and Party building of the JK Institute and SINOMACHINT, hoped that they continue to guide high-quality development through high-quality Party building, make greater efforts for transforming itself into a technology-based engineering company, base itself on its characteristics, give play to its advantages, fully strengthen internal coordination, keep increasing its specialized competencies, and ensure that they serve as an important window and a leading force for CMEC to explore the domestic market.