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CMEC and CATL-KSTAR Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Release time:2020-07-21 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

Recently, CMEC and CATL-KSTAR Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CATL-KSTAR”) signed a global strategic cooperation agreement on energy storage at Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Science Co., Ltd. CMEC Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager Fang Yanshui and CATL-KSTAR Chairman Liu Chengyu signed the agreement on behalf of their respective sides. The both sides agreed that the energy storage industry has a vast potential for development and occupies a leading position in various energies for supporting grid stability. The two sides are willing to leverage their respective advantages and resources for close cooperation and joint development and exploration of the global market of energy storage.

Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Science Co., Ltd. pledges take the opportunity of the signing of the agreement to deeply integrate its products with the energy storage system modules of CATL-KSTAR. Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Science Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in energy storage. Its independently-developed energy management system (EMS) is a core component of the energy system, with functions of real-time load tracking, primary frequency modulation, droop control, intelligent battery management and maintenance, etc. The product has been widely applied in the fields of overseas island grid, traditional thermal power storage joint frequency modulation, and new energy power generation, etc. So far, it has achieved nearly 100 megawatt hours in actual practices.

Also present at the activities were CMEC Chief Engineer and Complete Plants Management Department General Manager Li Baolin as well as relevant leaders of CMEC Strategic Development & Coordination Management Department and Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Science Co., Ltd.