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Fang Yanshui Inspects CMEC East China Division

Release time:2020-06-10 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On June 9, Fang Yanshui, deputy Party secretary and general manager of CMEC, investigated and guided CMEC East China Division. Ai Wei, deputy general manager of CMEC, and members of the leadership groups of subsidiaries of East China Division participated in the investigation.

On the morning of June 9, Fang Yanshui conducted a survey at CMEC Suzhou. General Manager Liu Runmin of CMEC Suzhou reported on the company’s operation and management, the internet plus trade, operation of overseas warehouse and implementation of the five-year strategic planning. Fang exchanged views with the leadership members and business backbones of CMEC Suzhou on the difficulties and pressures in its current operation and future development. He encouraged CMEC Suzhou to build up confidence, overcome the challenge brought about by the current epidemic, seek development in the crisis, lay a solid foundation for the development of the internet plus overseas platforms, and strive to achieve annual targets.

On the afternoon of June 9, Mr. Fang visited Taichang Electronics, a subsidiary of CMEC Wuxi, and listened to the report of the factory on its work and main products. Fang said that Taichang Electronics has certain product R&D and manufacturing capabilities, with off-grid system products gaining a huge market across the world. Taichang Electronics should give full play to its own advantages, improve its product line, and develop overseas markets in multiple models. After the visit, Fang Yanshui went to CMEC East China Division to listen to the work reports of CMEC East China Division, CMEC Wuxi and Shanghai Zhongjing Import & Export Co., Ltd.

After listening to the report, Ai Wei pointed out that the current primary task of all subsidiaries of CMEC East China Division is to work to collect accounts receivable. Secondly, we should explore new business, discover new business opportunities, try to use a variety of online sales models to communicate with foreign customers, facilitate business transactions, and reverse the loss situation in the first quarter as soon as possible. Thirdly, we should make good use of the current opportunity, continuously strengthen the rules and regulations, intensify staff training and product R&D, carry out the experience summary of all employees, improve the company’s managerial level and business ability, and map out the overall arrangement and planning for resumption of production and development of business after the epidemic.

Fang Yanshui made a concluding speech. First, he conveyed the greetings from Bai Shaotong, Party secretary and chairman of CMEC, to CMEC East China Division. He pointed out that under the current severe internal and external environment, the three subsidiaries of CMEC East China Division should adjust in time, accomplish all work tasks, discover new growth points through the “secondary venture” proposed by CMEC Wuxi, and reverse the current unfavourable business situation. He stressed that CMEC East China Division should fully learn and understand some incentive policies and management measures recently issued by CMEC, bring into full play its own advantages, and vigorously carry out multi-dimensional business collaboration. Drawing on the successful experience of other central enterprises, the Division should do a good job in brand building and expand overseas market sales channels with new models for self-developed off-grid photovoltaic products. CMEC will follow the market-oriented principle to further increase its support for industrial funds. Finally, Mr. Fang required that the three subsidiaries need to boost their confidence, make full use of the advantages of talents, funds and resources, seek development amid the crisis, make breakthrough, and complete all managerial indicators set by CMEC.