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Fang Yanshui Visits Wuxi Guolian Company

Release time:2020-06-11 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On June 10, Fang Yanshui, deputy Party secretary and general manager of CMEC, paid a visit to Wuxi Guolian Company (Wuxi Guolian for short) for in-depth exchanges with Xu Ke, Party secretary and chairman of the Board of Directors of Wuxi Guolian, on deepening business cooperation and broadening cooperation fields. The two sides affirmed the cooperation in the field of new energy and hoped to continue to strengthen exchanges and coordination, integrate the advantages of resources, deepen cooperation, and achieve win-win results in the future. Accompanying the visit and exchanges were Tang Xingliang, vice president of Wuxi Guolian; heads of relevant departments and subsidiaries; Ai Wei, deputy general manager of CMEC; and Zhang Zhiliang, investment director.

Xu Ke introduced the market-oriented reform and business development of Wuxi Guolian, saying that CMEC, as a central enterprise, has advantages in resources and management, and Wuxi Guolian adheres to the philosophy of open up and cooperation. Xu hoped that both sides will continue to deepen cooperation, strengthen capital operation, speed up the institutional reform, boost the upgrading of environmental protection and energy sectors, and go global for development, so as to make every effort to create a new model of the cooperation between central and local enterprises.

Fang Yanshui introduced CMEC’s business development, saying that the cooperation between the two sides in the new energy is rewarding. He hoped that the two sides will continue to strengthen exchanges and coordination, integrate and give full play to their advantages in resources, technology, experience and capital, seek high-quality cooperation projects, and bolster the cooperation in more fields such as environmental protection, engineering and investment, so as to achieve win-win development.

After visiting Wuxi Guolian, Fang Yanshui conducted an investigation at CMEC-GL. Chairman Hang Jianke and General Manager Zhu Jianhong of CMEC-GL introduced the development of the company at all stages since its inception, as well as the work, achievements and difficulties of its affiliated enterprise Wuxi Photovoltaic Power Station Operation & Maintenance Management Co., Ltd. Fang pointed out that CMEC-GL should do a good job in workplace safety and epidemic prevention at home. The operation & maintenance company has played a pivotal role after the power station project was put into operation. He hoped that the operation & maintenance company could expand its service scope and serve more photovoltaic projects at home and abroad.