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CMEC on the Forefront of Shipbuilding Work & Production Resumption

Release time:2020-04-29 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

At the beginning of 2020, the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 severely hit the global economy, particularly the international trade. Under such a circumstance, the global shipbuilding industry experienced a marked slowdown, and Chinese shipbuilders’ delivery of ships in February fell even to the lowest level of the recent 15 years. Despite the difficult situation, CMEC rose to challenges and delivered three 10,000t vessels to its overseas customers in the first four months by cooperating with its domestic partners. The vessels are a 38,000t chemical tanker (hull number: HT-CT-38-010, delivered to Germany on January 13), a 82,000t bulk cargo ship (hull number: HT82-236, delivered to Japan on April 10) and a 38,000t chemical tanker (hull number: HT-CT38-013, delivered to Germany on April 22). The total amount of the export contracts has reached USD7,835. On the principles of “making deployments in advance, fine management, being pragmatic and innovative”, CMEC worked painstakingly and has made impressive results in spite of the historically-rare downturn of the shipbuilding industry.

Shipbuilding is a labor-intensive industry and shipbuilders pay particular attention to health of their employees. After Wuhan has been locked down on January 23, the project team responded rapidly and communicated with leaders of the shipbuilder. On the morning of the Chinese New Year’s Eve, the leading body of the shipbuilder convened an emergency meeting to make a plan on actively coping with the possible pandemic. The leaders worked out an emergency plan through discussions, established three emergency work teams headed by leaders of the shipbuilder, ensured timely procurement and transport and proper storage of anti-epidemic materials, and established a channel for smooth communications with local anti-epidemic administrations. The project office and its partners accurately predicted the adverse impacts of the epidemic on domestic transport and work & production resumption, made concerted efforts to rent 13 coaches to take back key employees from eight provinces and municipalities on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, contacted with heads of project teams to learn about the number of the employees returning to work after the spring festival, prepared dormitories and signed room reservation agreements with two hotels to facilitate isolation and timely work resumption of employees. Thanks to the rapid response, strict implementation and effective action of the project office and partners, the number of employees working on the frontline of shipbuilding has reached 75% of the normal level in the middle of March, ensuring that work resumption is strongly supported and normal operations in spite of the severe situation of the epidemic.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the international trade faced sharply increasing uncertainties and the project office and the shipbuilder faced unprecedented business risks. The members of the project office neither complained nor shirked their responsibilities; rather, they took an active approach to and took targeted measures for fine management, took a lead in cooperating with the shipbuilder to assign special persons to communicate closely with foreign customers, classification societies, and host equipment suppliers, etc., frequently communicated and made confirmations with nearly 200 suppliers, carefully implemented the plans on procurement, transportation and delivery of main consumables, raw materials and auxiliary equipment, commissioning plans of major equipment manufacturers and ship delivery plans, and offered proper financial and business supports. The project office and the shipbuilder, by relying on their professional quality, positive attitude and clear thinking of work, effectively maintained the confidence of the customers and ensured that the Chinese and foreign sides share information through smooth communications, and eventually gained understanding, support and recognition from customers.

However, the project office was confronted with a new problem before the delivery of the new ships, that is, some mariners could not get Chinese visa due to the increasingly severe overseas pandemic, and the delivery of the ships was hindered, and the support that Chinese embassies could provide was very limited out of the consideration of ensuring safety of China. In the face of the adverse situation, the project office and the shipbuilder communicated with ship owners over and over again, got approval from them and adopted a plan on employing Chinese mariners, not only effectively solving the problem and delivering the ships in accordance with the regulations of the contract, but also expanding new cooperation areas and service models for project development and implementation in the future.

The ship project team of the 4th Complete Plant Unit and the members of the leading body of the shipbuilder remained true to their original aspirations, kept their mission firmly in mind, took an active approach to their work, took actions quickly, and thus enabling CMEC and its partnering shipbuilder to take a lead in work & production resumption of the global shipbuilding industry. All Party members of the project team, under the strong supports of leaders and relevant departments of CMEC, treated special issues specially, gave full support to the shipbuilder, ensured that the ships could be delivered on time in accordance with the stipulations of the contract in such a hard time, made contributions to China’s export trade and gained reputations for Chinese shipbuilders. Thanks to the strong support and overall planning of CMEC, the members of the ship project office of CMEC truly fulfilled their responsibilities, put into practice their original aspiration and mission by action, and ensured effective work & production against the backdrop of the pandemic!