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Bai Shaotong and Fang Yanshui Conducted an Inspection on Anti-Pandemic Work and Business Operations of Business Units

Release time:2020-04-22 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

Recently, CMEC Party Secretary and Chairman Bai Shaotong and CMEC Deputy Party Secretary Fang Yanshui went deep into the front line to inspect the domestic and overseas anti-pandemic work and business operations of CMEC’s business units, and listened to the work reports of the general managers and relevant responsible persons of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th business units and the Urban Construction Business Unit, respectively. Bai emphasized that anti-pandemic work must be put at the top of our current agenda; we must work hard and make all-efforts to do our work, seek opportunities in crises, reduce the impact of the pandemic, be adept at thinking, planning and making innovations, and make a plan on the “post-pandemic” era.

During the inspection, Bai and Fang fully recognized the business units for their responsive action, careful preparations, and intensified efforts for domestic & overseas anti-pandemic efforts, and their business operations in spite of difficulties, and put forward clear thoughts on and made timely arrangements for their specific difficulties by making analyses.

By making in-depth researches, Bai put forward definite requirements on the current and future work of CMEC:

1. Putting pandemic prevention and control at the top of current agenda. We must, in full accordance with the deployments of the central government, further strengthen joint prevention and control, and resolutely guard against imported cases and internal spread of the virus. Particularly, all overseas project offices must continue to strictly put into practice of the requirements of SINOMACH and CMEC, resolutely obey the unified leadership of China’s overseas embassies and consulates, take responsibilities as a general contractor, think about worst-case scenarios, make proper contingency plans, ensure sufficient goods and materials, and do everything possible to ensure safety of personnel and workplace. All business units and relevant departments shall also comfort and give assistance to the families of expatriates in a timely manner.

2. Working to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on the business operations. We should do our best to implement the ongoing projects, lay equal emphases on increasing income and reducing expenditure, and inject fresh vitality into our business development during the emergency period. On the one hand, we should actively seek opportunities in crises, flexibly take our advantages gained on a long-term basis in information and channel, and actively develop or make good use of short-term, adaptable and quick projects as well as domestics under the precondition that risks are kept under control; on the other hand, we shall raise our awareness of tightening our belts, take an active approach to our work, and find workable means for better development of our business operations. Meanwhile, we shall make good use of this special period, make proper and detailed plans, and think seriously about our development in the future.

3. Integrating the values of the socialist market economy into our daily business management through “benchmarking”. We shall make the values of the socialist market economy such as competition concept, result orientation and creative thinking embodied in aspects of the daily operations and management of CMEC. By benchmarking other enterprises of the industry and enterprises of the same type, as well as the achievements of other business departments, we aim to make contributions and bring out our full potential under the negative impact of COVID-19 in this special period.

4. Making clear thinking and taking initiative to make a plan on the “post-pandemic era”. Success is only for those who are fully prepared. We shall take a hard look at and gain a deep understanding of the significant impacts of COVID-19 on domestic and overseas markets as well as the great changes brought by the pandemic to the global industrial chain and supply chain. On such a basis, we shall base ourselves on the actual conditions, identify the problems, clarify our thinking, have firm confidence, and take appropriate measures. We shall develop a dialectical approach to thinking, analyze the development opportunities in the “post-pandemic” era, and make effective preparations for our work. We shall look forward to the future, formulate a high-quality plan on CMEC’s development in the “14th Five-Year Period”, center on the aim of “meeting the needs of China by taking advantage of SINOMACH”, work closely with the internal coordination mechanism of SINOMACH Engineering Group, consolidate our new core competitiveness, and lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of CMEC in the post-pandemic era.

Fang pointed out that, in such a challenging situation, we must unite the employees, pool our strength, and make concrete, meticulous, and effective efforts in domestic and overseas pandemic prevention and control, do our best to stabilize the business environment, actively expand our lines of business, seek for business opportunities and try to turn crises into opportunities, and phased effects have been achieved. He further emphasized that we shall follow the guidance of the values of the socialist market economy, adhere to and enhance the market-oriented thinking of the reform of business management elements, the principles of coordinated development, and innovation in models and systems, make further progress in transformation and upgrading of business operations and management, take effective measures for professional, regionalized and localized operations, further enhance the level of our cost control and process control, and keep micro entities energized and inject fresh vitality into them, so as to effectively enhance our competitiveness and development capabilities in the “post-pandemic” era.

Also present at the activity were CMEC Chief Engineer & Complete Plants Management Department General Manager Li Baolin, General Management Department General Manager Tong Chao, Strategic Development and Coordinated Management Department General Manager Xie Ke, and Finance Head Office General Manager Li Jingwei.