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CMEC Shows Sense of Mission and Trade Advantages in Fighting the Pandemic

Release time:2020-04-16 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

According to the unified deployment of Sinomach and with the guidance and assistance of the CMEC leaders, on April 15, Zhongjing Dongyuan Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Dongyuan Company), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CMEC, signed a sales contract for 500,000 sets of disposable medical protective clothing with Ukrainian UGV under FCA (Free Carrier) terms. The Ukrainian side is responsible for overseas transportation. It will send the Antonov An-225 cargo plane with the largest carrying capacity in the world to Tianjin Binhai International Airport to pick up the cargo.

At present, Dongyuan Company is organizing the supply of goods to ensure that the goods will be delivered on time, with no compromise in both quality and quantity, to support Ukraine in fighting the epidemic and to contribute to the friendship between China and Ukraine. This is one of the cases manifesting the CMEC’s trade advantages in combating the global pandemic.

We take precautions to turn danger into opportunity. According to the overall arrangement and under the direct leadership of the CMEC, Dongyuan Company has prepared for the export of anti-epidemic materials since the outbreak of the epidemic, obtained the Class II medical device business license, and created development opportunities in advance, so as to serve the world. In addition to Ukraine, Dongyuan Company has exported anti-epidemic materials to the United States, and together with Alibaba, has become one of the few Chinese enterprises that export to the United States. In addition, the International Trade Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries of the CMEC actively bring out their own advantages to make special contributions to the fight against the global epidemic, highlighting the CMEC unique value.

General Secretary Xi Jinping attended in Beijing the G20?Extraordinary?Leaders’?Summit on COVID-19 and stressed that China upholds the concept of a community of shared future for all mankind and is willing to provide other countries with assistance within its ability to contribute to the stability of the world economy.

We have made proactive efforts accordingly to overcome the difficulties for the time being. Leveraging its strengths in foreign trade, the CMEC has taken active actions to provide high-quality services for the global fight against the epidemic and help people all over the world overcome the difficulties, which demonstrates the CMEC’s sense of mission and philanthropy.