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SINOMACH Chairman Zhang Xiaolun Investigates CMEC's Overseas Epidemic Prevention and Control and Operation

Release time:2020-04-01 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On March 31, Zhang Xiaolun, Party secretary and chairman of SINOMACH, and Ding Hongxiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of SINOMACH, visited China National Electric Engineering Co. Ltd. (CNEEC) and China National Complete Engineering Corporation (CNCEC) affiliated to CMEC to investigate and guide overseas epidemic prevention and control and their operation. At CNEEC, Fang Yanshui, deputy Party secretary and general manager of CMEC, Zhang Wei, deputy general manager of CMEC and Party secretary and chairman of CNCEC, and Zhang Yanfei, Party secretary and chairman of CNEEC, respectively reported on the epidemic prevention and control, the operation in the first quarter, the impact of the epidemic on the operation and resumption of work and production, the overall annual operation forecast, the annual operation index forecast, and difficulties and problems that need to be solved by SINOMACH. Bai Shaotong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of SINOMACH and Party secretary and chairman of CMEC, presided over the work report meeting.

After listening to the report, Zhang Xiaolun and Ding Hongxiang fully affirmed the work done by CMEC, CNEEC and CNCEC in the epidemic prevention and control in China and beyond, resumption of work and production, and economic operation. They also fully recognized CMEC’s rapid response, overall deployment, and full efforts to carry out business activities despite difficulties.

Chairman Zhang pointed out that, currently, it is the most important task to win the overseas battle of epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the deployment of the CPC Central Committee, SINOMACH will continue to strengthen joint prevention and control, strictly prevent the coronavirus from re-entering the country to cause a new epidemic, rigorously implement the requirements of the work manual for the resumption of work and production of SINOMACH, pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad, and do everything in our power to prevent novel coronavirus epidemic in overseas projects.

Chairman Zhang stressed that it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the far-reaching impact of the international epidemic, seek opportunities from the crisis, and facilitate better development of CMEC. At the end of 2019, SINOMACH set up SINOMACH Engineering Group to give full play to its advantages in engineering, infrastructure, industrial planning, capacity cooperation and other aspects, integrate SINOMACH’s capabilities in design, planning, consulting, engineering management, and commerce, and build a new competitive edge in a wider range. SINOMACH will vigorously promote internal coordination, form a regular coordination mechanism, better provide services for overseas projects, develop itself into an integrated enterprise across multiple aspects, strive for innovation and transformation, and serve as a leader in the overseas strategy of going global.

Zhang pointed out that 2020 is the closing year of the 13th Five-Year Plan and an important starting point for mapping out the 14th Five-Year Plan. SINOMACH’s Party Committee requires that the 14th Five-Year Plan of SINOMACH be formulated with high quality. CMEC should bring into full play our advantages in R&D, planning, design, manufacturing, clothing, agricultural machinery and automobile industries, form the “synergy for win-win results in innovation,” create and readjust the business model, find a good development model, develop new core capabilities, forge the strengths of SINOMACH, meet the needs of the country, and serve as the industry leader and the main force for the country’s “go global” strategy.

Zhang finally emphasized that special attention should be paid to the epidemic prevention and control of overseas employees under the current situation, and services for overseas resident employees and especially their families should be done well to eliminate nervousness and solve their worries. Also, CMEC should further strengthen the Party building. To give full play to our Party’s unique advantages in epidemic prevention and control and economic operation. Overseas Party organizations and Communist Party members should play the role of fortresses and the vanguard and exemplary role respectively, safeguard the overall situation, help each other, win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, promote the construction of overseas engineering projects, and maintain the steady development of CMEC in 2020.

Bai Shaotong said that it is necessary to quickly implement the requirements of Chairman Zhang Xiaolun’s speech and convey the caring of SINOMACH’s Party Committee for overseas front-line employees. Meanwhile, CMEC must recognize the situation clearly, unify our thinking, overcome difficulties, turn crises into opportunities, do everything possible to do a good job in 2020, strive to achieve the best results, and work to complete all tasks assigned by SINOMACH.

Zhang Xiaolun and Ding Hongxiang conducted investigations at the front-line of CNEEC and CNCEC, expressing their warm greeting to front-line employees. Relevant heads of SINOMACH’s Operation Management Department, Asset Finance Department and Office attended the investigations. Persons-in-charge from relevant departments of CMEC’s headquarters, and relevant leaders and departmental heads of CNEEC and CNCEC also participated in the on-site investigations and guidance.