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CMEC’s Party Branches Fight Epidemic to Protect Health and Safety of Employees in Hubei

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia, breaking out in mid-to-late January in China, has swept through most parts of the country. Hubei Province is the hardest-hit area of the outbreak. CMEC Hubei and CPCECC Central Southern China are located in Hubei that has suffered the worst epidemic. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and ensure the health and safety of all employees, the Party branches of the two Hubei-based companies took various measures to battle the epidemic in the first place. So far, both companies have achieved zero infection of their employees.

CMEC Hubei

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the Party branch and leaders of CMEC Hubei have paid close attention to the latest reports and development of the epidemic every day and proactively taken measures to ensure the health and safety of each employee. Some employees and their families have also participated in the community-based volunteer work and help their communities to organize the group purchase of living materials to solve the inconvenience of residents.

Zero Infection of All Staff Members

On January 20, the Party branch and relevant leaders of CMEC Hubei discussed and decided that employees living in the Hankou area (close to South China Seafood Market) should be given a vacation to be isolated at home.

On January 23, they made a decision again that all employees would be on vacation from now on to be isolated at home in a bid to reduce the infection rate of employees on the way to and from work and during meals, calling for all employees to cancel their New Year’s Eve meals, face-to-face greetings, family reunion, friends gatherings, and outing activities.

During the Spring Festival holiday and epidemic-induced shutdown, the Party branch and leaders of CMEC Hubei regularly learned the physical conditions of all employees and their families, the epidemic situation and living conditions in their communities through the company’s WeChat Groups. The leaders also positively advised everyone on the difficulties in material procurement in their lives, recommending a range of procurement ways and solutions.

So far, all employees of CMEC Hubei have achieved zero infection in this novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

Volunteer Activities for Anti-epidemic Campaign

In addition to completing the daily report of epidemic situation required by CMEC and Hubei Provincial Supervision Commission of State-owned Assets on time, some employees and their families have also participated in community-based volunteer work and helped the community organize group purchase of living materials to solve the living inconvenience of residents.

The communities where employee Li Wenting and Xu Xueyin live (Fruit Lake Sub-district in Wuchang District and Guanggu Sub-district in Hongshan District) belong to areas with high incidence. In order to help the communities to meet the living needs of residents, they joined the volunteer team and participated in the material purchasing and distribution regardless of their personal safety.

Li Wenting took the initiative to sign up in the first place, serving as a registered volunteer in the area. Li has helped the community to count the needy families; registered, classified and packed the donated materials one by one; and distributed them to the elderly, the weak, and the needy families in spite of rain, so as to understand their living needs and assist them in solving their difficulties during the epidemic period.

In order to help the property department in the residential area to share the heavy work burden, Xu Xueyin also joined the volunteer team to help residents buy daily necessities, totaling 1600 items of living materials, through group purchase. She and her companions have moved to conduct group purchase and distribution with Wuhan’s state-owned supermarkets, timely calculate the purchase list (vegetables, frozen meat and daily necessities, etc.) of residents, and organize the distribution of procurement materials in the first place. They have communicated with supermarkets to solve the quality problems reflected by residents, patiently explained to residents the target groups of vegetables and meat at a special price, and summarized and corrected the problems in the group buying in a timely manner, so as to increase mutual understanding among communities, the property department and residents during the fight against the epidemic. All the efforts have also allowed residents to feel the warmth and care of their communities during the special period.

In the fight against the epidemic, family members of the Company’s employees have also volunteered to deliver received social donations to designated hospitals, contributing their efforts to solving the shortage of protective materials in hospitals.

There is still a long way to go in the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have given the greatest support to Hubei Province and Wuhan City. SINOMACH and CMEC have also attached great importance to the epidemic prevention and control of CMEC Hubei, providing masks to the Company free of charge in four times despite poor logistics. CMEC's Party committee and leaders have learned about the actual difficulties of employees of CMEC Hubei many times and granted allowances to encourage everyone to strictly stick to their posts and strengthen protective measures for themselves. Leaders of SINOMACH and CMEC have given them great confidence and encouragement. All Party members and employees of CMEC Hubei would withstand the test in this epidemic and resolutely fight and win the battle against the epidemic.

CPCECC Central Southern China

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, CPCECC Central Southern China, located in the epidemic area, has set up an epidemic prevention (emergency) working group on January 22, headed by General Manager Niu Bing. With Party Branch Secretary Peng Heng and Deputy General Manager Liu Chuanyan as deputy heads, the working group also includes Zhang Lin, member of the Party Branch Committee, as well as Party members Lin Min and Li Chen. The group has aimed to organize the Company’s prevention and control of the epidemic in an all-round way. Due to the rapid and proper organization of prevention and control measures, 44 employees of the Company are all healthy, carrying out a wide range of tasks in an orderly manner with full spirit.

After the outbreak, the Company promptly distributed masks to its employees, requiring all employees to stay at home as far as possible, operate according to epidemic prevention standards, and report the health status of individuals and their families twice a day. Meanwhile, the epidemic situation at the Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute (CSCEPDI) must be reported timely so that everyone can be on guard. Fifteen employees who returned home have established the 2020 Home-Returning Group. All of them registered their travel information with relevant local departments, isolated themselves for 14 days after physical check-ups, and reported their temperature measurements daily.

Heroes in the Fight against the Epidemic

Due to the shortage of epidemic prevention materials in Wuhan, Comrade Peng Heng appealed to CMEC and SINOMACH for help. With their strong support, epidemic prevention materials were delivered to Wuhan when they were most needed, despite challenges.

Comrade Liu Chuanyan risked infection and coordinated with logistics companies many times to collect and distribute epidemic prevention masks.

Comrade Lin Min, Party member, just finished the operation before the Spring Festival and is still in the recovery period. Lin has insisted on counting the health status of all employees every day, kept in touch with the General Management Department of CMEC in a timely manner, and conveyed the spirit of instructions, which fully embodies the vanguard and exemplary role of the CPC member.

After CMEC resumed its operation, Party members and cadres Zhang Lin, Li Chen and other comrades promptly provided the favourable conditions for all employees to work from home, organized relevant employees to use network-based telecommuting to ensure the orderly progress of the Company’s production. Currently, the Company is carrying out preliminary cooperation for 8 projects, formal bidding for 2 projects and preparation for 3 bidding projects. Three scientific research papers and one set of documents for upgrading the standard implementation system have been completed.

Organized by the Party branch, the company’s leaders, employees and all Party members responded to the call of Hubei Provincial Supervision Commission of State-owned Assets and made donations to support the epidemic prevention and control.

Young employees Zhao Qicheng, Feng Qi and Shi Xianzhi proactively participated in volunteer activities organized by their communities, contributing to community-based epidemic prevention.

Employee Li Yang’s father suffered from pneumonia and fever. Party Secretary Peng Heng expressed greetings and put forward suggestions on treatment and infection prevention and control. Also, Peng quickly made arrangements for the subsequent distribution of epidemic prevention materials.