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Anti-epidemic Campaign Conducted by Party Members of CMEC Yinchuan in Communities

Release time:2020-03-06 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

According to the Notice on Launching Volunteer Campaign for Guarding the Safety of Families in Yinchuan issued by the Organization Department of Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee, the Party Branch of CMEC Yinchuan has responded to the call of the Organization Department of Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee and the Party Committee of Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone. As the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia has entered a critical period, all Party members in Yinchuan have reported to their respective residence communities to hold positions of relevant volunteer services. Party members and epidemic prevention volunteers of CMEC Yinchuan have shouldered the responsibility, risen to the difficulties and contributed their strength to the fight against the epidemic.

Strong Measures Have Been Taken for the Epidemic Prevention and Control.

After receiving the epidemic-controlling task of community, Party members Wang Bei and Wang Xin from CMEC Yinchuan, after a brief training, were arranged to perform duty and temperature measurement at the gate of the community. They were responsible for the epidemic control services at the entrance of the community, registering vehicles, measuring the temperature of people, and advising and reminding pedestrians of relevant matters.

Wang Bei said, “What seems simple at ordinary times is not easy until it is done. At the end of a day, although the waist is sore and the back hurts, one, as a young Party member, should take the initiative to undertake the responsibility, bar the virus from spreading with volunteers’ strength, and protect the homeland with youthful vitality.”

Wang Xin said, “In this special period, I feel quite gratified to be able to do my part for the country and the people and to relieve some of the burden for medical and community-level staff members.”

Isolation Does not Separate Love

“Hello, I am a volunteer member of Baohu Community. Today I come to thank you for your support and cooperation in community work and to inform you of new requirements for isolation at home...” On February 28, Yang Mei, publicity member of the Party Branch, and fellow volunteers came to the Baohu Bay residential quarter, the largest commercial housing quarter in Baohu Community, with a large flow of people. On the same day, Comrade Yang and fellow volunteers visited 40-odd households and merchants, asking about the physical condition of isolated persons at home and the date for lifting the isolation. She explained in detail to the isolated households the relevant matters concerning the multi-level management and control of the personnel in the Class-IV and Class-V areas.

She said, “Our Party member volunteers are actually fulfilling their pledge under the Party’s banner, honouring their obligations, and contributing their efforts to Yinchuan’s victory in the battle of epidemic prevention and control.”

Personnel Information “Ledger” Has Been Created for Carefully Screening and Registration

Comrade Yao Yijie, organizational member of the Party Branch, participated in the volunteer activity by going to the police station to sort out the information of epidemic prevention and control. On February 29, under the guidance of community workers, he sorted, screened and marked the resident information forms of each residential quarter before entering all the information into the system according to the requirements of the police. Also, he checked the information that did not meet the requirements for the second time. From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Yao Yijie, ten volunteers and three community workers completed the collation of residents' information in the three residential quarters.

He said that only through this volunteer activity did he realize that, since the outbreak of the epidemic, what our ordinary people need to do is to reduce outing activities and stay at home comfortably. We also complain from time to time. Behind us, in addition to the medical staff who are fighting at the forefront of the defense against the epidemic, there are countless anti-epidemic people like policemen and community workers who are also fighting day and night.

In Fighting the Epidemic, Party Members of CMEC Yinchuan Branch Have Demonstrated the “Great Love”

While each Party member serves communities, the Party branch of CMEC Yinchuan has proactively responded to the call of the Leading Party Group of Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone to donate money to the epidemic-stricken areas. All party members have leapt into action instantly, voluntarily offered love and stayed true to their mission. A lot of candidate members of the Party branch and the common people have also taken voluntary actions to make donations through online and other means. CMEC Yinchuan are brimming with confidence in uniting as one like a fortress to build a strong synergy against the “epidemic.”

At the company, Party members and cadres have remained true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind, braving the severe cold and sticking to the frontline of community-based epidemic prevention and control. They have demonstrated their responsibilities in their practical actions. Their good deeds have conveyed the warmth and kindness of life, showcased the sense of social responsibility and embodied patriotic sentiment.