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Lei Guanghua Inspects and Instructs CMEC on Epidemic Prevention & Control and Work & Production Resumption

Release time:2020-03-06 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On March 5, Lei Guanghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of SINOMACH, Secretary of Discipline Inspection, Inspector of the National Commission of Supervision at Sinomach, went to CMEC for supervision on and inspection of epidemic prevention and control and work & production resumption. Also present at activity were SINOMACH General Office Director Zhao Fangli and Discipline Inspection Commission Public Complaints and Proposals and Case Handling Office Director Xiao Jun.

Lei, on behalf of SINOMACH Party Committee, praised CMEC for its efforts for combating epidemic prevention and control and fully recognized its implementation of epidemic prevention & control and work & production resumption work. On the basis of carrying out the requirements from higher-level authorities and the work arrangements of the Party Committee of SINOMACH, and in light of the epidemic prevention & control situation at home and abroad, Lei put forward definite requirements on how to achieve good results in both epidemic prevention and control and work & production resumption:

1. Have a keen grasp of the current situation, effectively raise the awareness of the importance of epidemic prevention and control, thoroughly study and put into practice the guiding principles of the important speeches made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, particularly the Xi’s speech on epidemic prevention and control delivered during his trip in Beijing for investigating and instructing the work related to COVID-19, comply with the unified command and work arrangements of Beijing Municipal Government, make coordinated efforts for epidemic prevent and control, work out specific measures for epidemic prevention and control, take strong steps for implementation of relevant work without fail.

2. Make concrete efforts and assign specific responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, always keep vigilant, make any work arrangements in line with the requirements on epidemic prevention and control, effectively carry out the responsibility system for epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that pressure is felt at every level.

3. Work harder to educate and guide the people to implement the requirements of the higher-level authorities and the Party Committee of the SINOMACH on epidemic prevention & control and work & production resumption, effectively guide the employees to strengthen their personal protection so as to resume work and production in an orderly way and ensure stable business operations, keenly aware of the importance of epidemic prevention and control, and report any problem found in a timely manner.

4. Give full play to the role of discipline inspection organs, enhance supervision and inspection, pay close attention to epidemic prevention and control in key areas such as dining rooms, office buildings, duty rooms and old residential areas, make careful inspections at the frontlines, find out and strengthen weak links, rectify any deviations, handle any problems found in accordance with law and regulations, and hold those responsible strictly to account.

5. Make concrete efforts for caring for the employees, make patient and painstaking efforts to improve education in values, care for the families of overseas employees and employees who work in Hubei and help them so as to make them feel the care from and warmth of CMEC.

At the meeting, Xiao briefed the typical epidemic cases occurred recently and conveyed relevant requirements on further improving epidemic prevention and control at CMEC.

Fang Yanshui, CMEC Deputy Party Secretary, General Manager and Deputy Head of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention & Control, welcomed Lei and thanked the Party Committee of SINOMACH for its care for CMEC. Fang said that CMEC should earnestly implement the requirements of Lei, take targeted and orderly measures for epidemic prevention & control and work & production resumption, and ensure that the task will be properly done without fail. Meanwhile, he welcomed the inspection team to put forward valuable opinions and pledged to carefully rectify any problems found in the inspection in a timely manner.

Also, Lei went to key areas such as dining room to check epidemic prevention and control, Zhao and Xiao carefully checked the records of epidemic prevention and control work to verify whether they are in line with the relevant requirements.

Also present at the activity were CMEC Party Secretary and Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group Vice Head Yu Bo, CMEC Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Wang Tianyi and responsible persons of relevant departments.

In order to implement the work requirements of the inspection team, Yu Bo and the leader of the General Management Department make detailed inspections in CMEC Building and Xiangfeng Building on the afternoon of March 5.