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CMEC Deploys Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work & Production Resumption

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On the morning of March 3, CMEC convened a Party Committee enlarged meeting to make an overall plan again on mobilization, deployment and implementation of epidemic prevention and control and work & production resumption. Bai Shaotong, CMEC Party Secretary, Chairman and Head of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention & Control, chaired and addressed the meeting. He emphasized that we must fully aware of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, keep vigilant and take an unrelenting approach, think and act in line with the guiding principles of important speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, make concrete, meticulous, and effective efforts in all our work at home and abroad in accordance with the work arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, SASAC, Beijing Municipal Government and SINOMACH and on the basis of the actual situation and business features of CMEC, make an overall plan, assign responsibilities and lay a firm foundation for epidemic prevention and control, work & production resumption and successful completion of the tasks for 2020.

At the meeting, participants conscientiously studied the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on February 23 at the work conference for coordinating COVID-19 prevention and control and economic and social development, and learned about the recent work arrangements and relevant requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, SASAC, Beijing Municipal Government and SINOMACH on epidemic prevention and control and work & production resumption. Bai said, since the COVID-19 outbreak, Xi pays close attention to epidemic prevention and control, attaches great importance to the life safety of the people, requires to strengthen the unified leadership of the Party in epidemic prevention and control, Party organizations and members at all levels must follow the unified leadership and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, give full play to the role of Party organizations at different levels as the core of leadership and the exemplary role of Party members, make concrete and meticulous efforts in all work, avoid the practice of just going through formalities, strengthen oversight and inspection, and hold those responsible strictly to account, so as to establish a fundamental rule for us to improve epidemic prevention and control and work & production resumption. SASAC and SINOMACH have convened several meetings to convey the guiding principles of the meetings of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, require us to further raise the political standing, keep in mind the bigger picture and adopt a holistic approach, strictly put into practice our responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control as a central enterprise, firmly follow the unified requirements on epidemic prevention and control, and work to see concerted efforts have been made to support epidemic prevention and control in Beijing.

Bai summarized recent epidemic prevention and control and work & production resumption of CMEC, considered that the targeted and effective measures have delivered results thanks to the hard work and active cooperation of all employees. Meanwhile, he stressed that we have entered the critical period of epidemic prevention & control and work & production resumption and must always keep vigilant since we shoulder heavier tasks and responsibilities than ever.

On the basis of the SASAC video meeting held on March 2 calling for central enterprises to support epidemic prevention and control in Beijing and the work requirements of SINOMACH, Bai put forward the following requirements on further improving CMEC epidemic prevention and control and work & production resumption:

1. Make further analyses, find out weak links, stop up loopholes, implement responsibilities, strictly carry out the requirements of CMEC on epidemic prevention and control and work & production resumption, stay target-oriented, detail work measures, and ensure responsibilities are performed and the work is properly handled. Particularly, we need to further improve health management of service personnel of all office buildings, commuters by public transport and the staff whose relatives have recently returned to Beijing, further detail the work arrangements of those who have returned to their work posts, and take stricter measures for access management of office buildings.

2. Strength overseas epidemic prevention and control, ensure those who are on overseas business trip are healthy, strictly enforce the protection and quarantine measures for those who returning from overseas, and take strict measures against the epidemic from spreading from/to foreign countries. We should further raise the awareness of business units, overseas agencies and particularly project sites, further improve epidemic prevention and control of subcontractors and health management of foreigners at the project sites, and faithfully fulfill the responsibilities as a general contractor.

3. We should strike a balance in the deployment, promotion and implementation of epidemic control and business operation, further implement our responsibilities through supervision and inspection, and ensure that the work is carried out effectively and in an orderly way. Meanwhile, we should establish a work responsibility system so as to see that the pressure is felt at every level.

4. We should comfort and assist CMEC who work overseas so as to fully show the concerns and warmth of CMEC at such a hard time.

Fang Yanshui, CMEC Deputy Party Secretary, General Manager and Deputy Head of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention & Control, stressed that, epidemic prevention and control at overseas institutions has a central place on the current work agenda of CMEC, we must be keenly aware of potential dangers, increase our work abilities, and take strong steps for carrying out the work. On the basis of the recent effective work of overseas project sites and institutions, relevant departments should follow up the epidemic and business development in overseas markets, focus on key areas and projects, and work harder to make more detailed instructions and emergency plans. Meanwhile, each overseas project office should continue to enhance communications with overseas embassies and consulates of China, further strengthen management measures in line with local conditions, and ensure health and safety of personnel of project offices and subcontractors. After the meeting, Fang held another meeting to make detailed deployments on CMEC’s overseas epidemic prevention and control. Also present at the meeting were members of the leading group and the Party Committee of CMEC, as well as the members of the CMEC’s leading group for epidemic prevention and control.