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Fastest Design of Construction Drawings by CMEC-affiliated CMIE for Anti-Epidemic Hospitals

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“The overall, systematic and excellent design drawings have been transferred to the construction enterprise to prepare the construction plan. CMIE lays more emphasis on political awareness, shoulders more responsibilities and makes more contributions. I would like to express my sincere thanks to you.” On January 31, after receiving feedback from the government, Hu Qingbo, director of the Institute of Medical and Architectural Design of China Machine International Engineering Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereafter called “CMIE”) affiliated to CMEC, relaxed because the design task racing against time was successfully completed.

Taking on the Task in a Critical Period

The Spring Festival of 2020 saw an unexpected outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia sweeping across the country. Thirty provinces announced the initiation of the first-level response to major public health emergencies and the implementation of the strictest prevention and control measures. The number of infections has been increasing. As such, this is a race against time. Many provinces and cities have begun to launch emergency plans, requiring that hospitals for emergency treatment be designed by adopting the “Xiaotangshan Hospital” model.

On the morning of January 27, CMIE received an urgent commission from the government department to organize a strong professional team to complete the preliminary design drawings of hospitals for fighting the novel coronavirus pneumonia within three days so as to be ready for use at any time.

Shouldering the Responsibility for Epidemic Control

Faced with such a glorious and arduous task, CMIE’s Party Committee gave top priority to it and immediately deployed the task. It quickly set up an emergency project team with General Manager Yi Fan and Chief Engineer Zhang Jianhua in charge of command and coordination, and Chief Architect Luo Jin as the chief design officer. Led by the Institute of Medical and Architectural Design, the project team, together with the 2nd Municipal Environmental Protection Engineering Institute, the Assembly-type Building Engineering Technology Research Centre, the Investment Control and Cost Consulting Department and others, covered the specialties of architecture, structure, water supply and drainage, electrical engineering, and heating and ventilation. They jointly carried out design consulting and related technical services.

Jin Yin, Party secretary and chairman of CMIE, required that the members of the project team should do their best in living up to heavy responsibilities, overcoming various difficulties, and accomplishing the task with high efficiency and high quality, so as to demonstrate the initial mission of CMIE in the fight against the epidemic.

Braving in assuming the huge responsibility

As the person in charge of the department leading this design task, Hu Qingbo felt deeply responsible. On January 27, the third day of the Lunar New Year, designers returning home were still immersed in the joy of reunion with their families. There was no time to hesitate. At 11:30 a.m., Hu posted a task notice in the WeChat group of the department to call designers to participate in this urgent task quickly.

Initially, Hu was worried that no one would respond. Unexpectedly, the designers in the group reacted at once and volunteered one after another. At that time, a raft of messages such as “I’m in Xinhua, and immediately return to Changsha,” “I’m in Dongguan, and change my ticket right away,” and “if there is a task, I must accept it,” filled up the phone screen.

When spending the Spring Festival, Xu Rong saw the notice in her hometown Dongkou, with her family chatting around the stove. “It was bitterly cold and raining hard outside the house.” Dongkou is more than 300 kilometers away from Changsha. The weather was terrible. She could have made an excuse, but she packed up her luggage and drove to Changsha when thinking about what she has undertaken, Xu Rong said.

Yuan Fupo returned to Changsha from Longhui County at 20:30 on January 27 and expressed everyone’s unanimous wish, “After seeing the notice, I didn’t think much of it and signed up directly. At a time when the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is raging, everyone is willing to make their contributions to the epidemic prevention and control.”

Fulfilling the Mission in the Shortest Possible Time

At 16:30 on January 27, while some designers were still on their way back to Changsha, Luo Jin organized the designers in Changsha to gather in the company and held the first meeting of this task, defining the objectives of the design task.

At 9 o’clock on January 28, the company, after the designers were ready, held the second meeting, deployed specific work to ensure progress, and officially initiated the fight against the epidemic.

On the afternoon of January 28, the architectural design scheme was completed and submitted to relevant specialized personnel for improvement.

At 12 o’clock on January 29, all professional schemes were all completed and reported to the governmental department. Relevant drawings would continue to be improved to ensure timely completion.

At 23:30 on January 30, the preliminary design results were completed and submitted to the construction unit for preparation after modification and improvement according to the feedback from the government.

On the afternoon of January 29, the project team also received two design consultation requests for emergency treatment hospitals in the other two places. Based on ensuring the previous schedule, the team arranged for personnel to carry out such tasks simultaneously and complete them successfully as scheduled.

“Although the design content of this plan is demanding and the design system is complex, all team members bravely undertook the mission and completed the detailed design of the ventilation, air conditioning and other systems in the clean area, semi-polluted area, and polluted area in the hospital in less than two days, meeting the depth requirements of the construction drawings,” recalled Xu Minhui, who was in charge of the heating and ventilation design.

Assembling was done in four hours, the design scheme was mapped out within 24 hours, and all design results were delivered in 72 hours. This is the responsibility that the team interpreted with “CMIE’s speed” in such an emergency task.

On February 2, CMIE under CMEC received a letter of greeting from the Party Committee of SINOMACH. The Committee spoke highly of the performance of CMIE in this design consulting task for the construction of three emergency treatment hospitals!

“Under such circumstances, I argue that any team of CMIE would make such a common response,” Hu Qingbo said frankly after the mission was completed.

In the face of the epidemic situation and social needs, this is a common thing we ordinary people can do! All the designers who took part in this urgent task demonstrated that CMEC members have the courage to undertake the responsibility and we Chinese people all have patriotic sentiment!