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Chairman Bai Shaotong Visits Dingzhou

Release time:2019-12-26 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On December 25, a delegation headed by CMEC Party Secretary and Chairman Bai Shaotong and Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager Fang Yanshui visited Dingzhou. Accompanied by Dingzhou Mayor Zhang Tao, they first visited the headquarter of Sifang Greenlane Dingzhou Clean Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to inspect the national biogas demonstration project and gain a detailed understanding of the operation of the project. Besides, they visited the experiment center and inspected the procedures such as feeding, preprocessing, anaerobic fermentation, and biogas power generation, etc.

Afterwards, the delegation met with the CPC Dingzhou Committee and Dingzhou municipal government. The meeting was attended by Party Secretary of Dingzhou Wang Dongqun and presided over by Dingzhou Mayor Zhang Tao. At the meeting, Wang said that Dingzhou will deepen its cooperation with CMEC and SINOMACH, provide CMEC and SINOMACH with the most favorable policy, the best services and the best environment, and contribute to earlier launch of the cooperative project.

Bai said that the national biogas demonstration project in Dingzhou is a concrete example of putting into practice Xin Jinping’s thought on making ecological progress and is of great significance for accelerating the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy and improving rural living environments. He said that CMEC would take the opportunity of this visit, establish a work team, strengthen coordination and communication with relevant parties in Dingzhou, and make joint efforts to implement the project as soon as possible.

Relevant leaders including CMEC Vice General Manager Zhang Jianguo also took part in the activity.