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Iraqi Sarah Harding Power Plant Project Modified Contract Signing Ceremony Held

Release time:2019-11-22 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the morning of November 21, a 14-person high-level delegation of Iraqi Ministry of Electricity visited the newly-completed head office of CMEC. The delegation was headed by Aiser, Vice Electricity Minister in charge of power generation, and is the first group of visitors to the new building.

Aiser is an old friend of CMEC and built deep friendships with then leaders of CMEC 20 years ago. The friends greeted each other warmly at the meeting. Aiser spoke highly of the operational team of CMEC for the electric power project in Iraq, hoped that CMEC continue to take part in the development of the Iraqi electricity market, and pledged that the ministry will give assistance to CMEC to the greatest extent. Zhang thanked Aiser for his support to CMEC.

After exchanging greetings, the two sides attended the ceremony at the new meeting room for signing the "Iraqi Sarah Harding 2*630MW Fuel Power Plant Modified Contract", which was the first EPC contract that CMEC signed at its new head office. The contract was jointly signed by Zhang and Mr. Waleed, General Manager of the Northern Region Company of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity. Also present at the ceremony were Iraqi Vice Electricity Minister Aiser, Iraqi Electricity Ministry Technology Department Head Majid, Iraqi Electricity Ministry Investment and Contract Department Head Maha, Iraqi Electricity Ministry Legal Department Head Mohammed, CMEC Financial Controller and Board Secretary Wang Weiling, CMEC Chief Engineering & Complete Plants Management Department General Manager Li Baolin, CMEC Assistant President and Middle East Company Chairman Wang Yili.

As 2019 draws to its end, the contract gives a New Year present to CMEC.