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CMEC' Africa First Regional Center Established

Release time:2019-11-17 Article source:Xinhua Africa Reading times: A+AA-

On the morning of November 15, executives of a number of energy companies with significant business operations in Africa gathered at the third floor of the West District Building, Nairobi, Kenya, to attend the unveiling ceremony of CMEC's Africa First Regional Center.

At the ceremony, CMEC Chairman Zhang Chun said that Africa is a dynamic continent, CMEC is committed to developing together with African countries and establishes the regional center for the purpose of implementing its regionalization/localization strategies.

On the same day, CMEC signed the MOU for the Mombasa 35MW garbage power generation project with Kenya Ray Power Limited Company, CMEC-GE Minea 7*TM Project Agreement with the General Electric (GE), and credit extension agreement with the Standard Bank. Of which, the Mombasa 35MW garbage power generation project is the first garbage power generation project approved by the Kenyan government.

It is said that the total generated output of energy projects undertaken by CMEC in the international market has exceeded 20,000MW, involving thermal power, hydropower, garbage power generation and new energy power generation. So far, CMEC has complete concrete pouring of all the 60 wind turbine foundations of the Kipeto wind power generation project in Kenya and is expected to hand over the project in October 2020.

Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng, Kipeto Energy Company CEO Stephan and GE Africa CEO Farid attended and addressed the event.

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