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CMEC-contracted Attanagalla Water Supply Plant Project to Completed Early Next Year

Release time:2019-11-02 Article source:Asia Pacific Focus Reading times: A+AA-

The much-anticipated project of Attanagalla Water Supply Plant, the largest water purification plant in Sri Lanka, is now under construction. It is expected to be completed in February next year, providing over 600,000 residents in the nearby areas with clean drinking water.

Attanagalla Water Supply Plant Project uses the concessional loan of China Development Bank and is undertaken by China Machinery Engineering Cooperation (CMEC). Yang Wei, Site Manager of the Project, told on November 1 the APMG reporter that the civil construction of the project, with a daily processing capacity of 54,000 tons of water, had been basically completed after over two years of efforts, and the secondary structural construction and the preparatory work of equipment installation in the water plant are in progress. As the water treatment equipment are delivered to the site, large-scale equipment installation and adjustment will start in November this year and are expected to be completed in February 2020 to benefit local residents.

Yang said that the laying of the 720km-long water delivery & distribution network is under the way and the construction of the water tower and office buildings along the pipeline is in progress. Started in February 2017, it is one of the most important projects in Sri Lanka for improving people’s livelihood. After its completion, the project is expected to provide about 600,000 residents in Gampaha, Attanagalla and Minuwangoda with clean drinking water.

Due to the severe shortage of clean drinking water, the area where the project is located has become one of areas with high incidence of kidney diseases in Sri Lanka. The completion and operation of the project are expected to assist local residents in getting rid of kidney diseases.

According to the statistics of the Sri Lankan government, there are about 40,000 patients with kidney diseases in the country, and about 1,000 persons die of kidney diseases every year. The survey results show that the serious situation of kidney diseases is mainly caused by unclean drinking water. In recent years, supported by Chinese concessional loans, relevant Chinese companies have built or are building several water supply projects for providing local residents with clean drinking water, playing an important role in strengthening prevention and treatment of kidney diseases.

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