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Deputy General Manager Zhang Jianguo Attends Qingdo Sea and Development Conference

Release time:2019-10-26 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On October 25, CMEC Deputy General Manager Zhang Jianguo attended the Qingdo Sea and Development Conference, signed a cooperation agreement with the Ocean University of China (OUC) witnessed by the leaders of Qingdao municipality, and made a speech at the conference. Zhang said that CMEC will cooperate with the OUC in line with the development strategy of Qingdao, focus on and make breakthroughs in the fields of science park construction, marine engineering, marine equipment manufacturing and trade, marine logistics, land & sea geological prospecting and comprehensive health by relying on the advantages of the OUC, and continuously promote cooperation between the two sides in a wider range and in more fields.

After the conference, Zhang attended the special coordination meeting between CMEC and the OUC. At the meeting, he introduced the six work teams and their heads for business coordination with the OUC, invited relevant personnel of the OUC to visit CMEC for further communication and expressed his expectation for making substantial progress in cooperation with the OUC.