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General Manager Han Xiaojun Leads a Delegation to Visit Sinland Development Pte. Ltd.

Release time:2019-10-19 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On October 18, Han Xiaojun, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of CMEC, led a delegation to visit Sinland Development Pte. Ltd., a center of CMEC in the Southeast Asian region.

General Manager Han first listened to the introduction of Sinland Development from the perspective of its overall situation, comprehensive credit line, organizational structure, staff composition and local industrial organizations. After that, Shi Jiantao, General Manager of Sinland Development, reported the regional management, business development and Party building work of Sinland Development to General Manager Han, and introduced the future development plan of the company.

General Manager Han said, Sinland Development has implemented the parent company's development strategy of regionalization and localization since its establishment, and made useful contributions to strategic exploration of the company in terms of business development, market expansion and pre-management. He hoped that all the staff of Sinland Development can make full use of the company's influence in the local place and surrounding areas in Singapore as well as rich financial resources and convenient transportation conditions of Singapore to achieve better results. Also, General Manager Han put forward requirements for Sinland Development in terms of strengthening the Party building.

Fang Yanshui, CMEC Deputy General Manager and Chairman of Sinland Development also participated in the visiting.