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General Manager Han Xiaojun Meets B&V Delegation in Singapore

Release time:2019-10-19 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the morning of October 18, Han Xiaojun, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of CMEC, met a delegation led by Zhang Haowei, Oil & Gas Business President of B&V in the USA, in Sinland Development Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of CMEC in Singapore.

General Manager Han expressed his warm welcome to the delegation of B&V, and introduced the development of CMEC over the years and its future development strategy. B&V introduced its business conditions and recent adjustment of its institutions and business. Both General Manager Han and Mr. Zhang Haowei stressed the good cooperative relationship between the two companies, and affirmed their cooperation in a number of projects. Both parties are willing to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between them and explore more opportunities for project cooperation.

Edward Zhu, Assistant Vice President of B&V Asian Development Department of Energy Business, William Yong, Assistant Vice President of Water Business, Fang Yanshui, CMEC Deputy General Manager and Chairman of Sinland Development, Shi Jiantao, General Manager of Sinland Development, and related personnel of the Sinland Development team attended the talks.