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General Manager Han Xiaojun Visited Angolan Secretary of State for Energy, Ministry of Energy and Water

Release time:2019-09-27 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

Han Xiaojun, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of CMEC, visited Mr. Belsa, Secretary of State for Energy, in Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water on September 26 local time. Belsa first apologized to General Manager Han Xiaojun for the failure of the Minister of Energy and Water to receive General Manager due to official business. Then, both parties looked back upon their long history of cooperation and exchanged in-depth views concerning CMEC’s projects underway and continued cooperation in the future. Mr. Belsa highly praised CMEC’s contributions to the power field of Angola and expressed his great satisfaction with the projects implemented by CMEC.

Angolan personnel who participated in the meeting included the Head of Planning Department of Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola, President of Angola Kwanza River Basin Management Commission, President of Angola National Electricity Distribution Company, and Director of Angola National Electricity Transportation Company. Tong Zigang, Deputy General Manager of CMEC and other relevant personnel also attended the meeting.