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Zhang Chun Inspects CMEC Head Office Complex Building

Release time:2019-09-04 Article source:亚太聚焦 Reading times: A+AA-

On the afternoon of September 3, CMEC Party Secretary and Chairman Zhang Chun, accompanied by Lize Financial Business District Management Committee Director Liu Li, made a comprehensive inspection on the site of the CMEC head office complex building project and gave instructions on the work in the next stage.

Zhan carefully inspected important areas such as the lobby and meeting rooms of the new building, as well as relevant supporting facilities such as staff canteen, gardening, gym, reading room and baby care room which are related to improving the office environment and increasing the sense of happiness of the employees. Zhang praised the new building for its elaborate layout and comprehensive considerations, said it meets CMEC’s requirements on caring for employees’ health and increasing the quality of work environment, and appreciated the careful maintenance work done by Poly-CMEC Property Company for the new building.

After inspecting the new building with sophisticated functions and complete facilities, Zhang urged to make greater efforts to publicize CMEC by demonstrating the new building and make the new building a new window showcasing CMEC. Meanwhile, Zhang emphasized that the new building should fully show CMEC’s historical & cultural traditions of making contributions, breakthroughs and innovations, CMEC’s history of and achievements in development, and the strong impetus for CMEC to turn itself into a globally-leading international project contractor and service provider.

During the inspection, Zhang communicated with Liu about the overall construction and development of the Lize Financial Business District, and expressed that CMEC, as the first centrally-administered enterprise moving in the district, is willing to cooperate with the management committee and achieving common development together with Fengtai District.